Flavor Savers


So I saw the movie Extract last night (quite funny by the way), and it got me thinking about flavoring. One of people's biggest fears when they diet is they will miss out on many salivating experiences. But nature has provided us with many natural … [Continue reading]

Yogurtland Lies!


With the fall of Pinkberry, and the rise of the Yogurtland empire, people are constantly searching for the latest ice cream alternative to satisfy their sweet tooth. But in a self-serve environment (like that of the popular La Brea haunt)what seems … [Continue reading]

Smart Snacking


Just like skipping breakfast can be a dietary demon, going for long periods of time without eating is a bad idea too. Hunger, like alcohol, lowers your inhibitions and can have the same effect as "beer goggles," leading you to jump into bed with the … [Continue reading]

That’s Just Nuts!


For anyone who buys reduced fat peanut butter thinking it's healthier than the full fat version, I have some bad news for you. Reduced fat pb only cuts out the good fat. Reduced and regular have the same number of saturated fat calories (about 2.5 … [Continue reading]

Probiotics Are All the Rage


Most people have caught on by now to the "Kombucha Craze." If you haven't heard of it yet, Kombucha is a tea with live organisms called probiotics that support a healthy digestive system. These organisms, or "good bacteria" are found naturally in the … [Continue reading]

Breakfast of Champions


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. If you don't start off your day on the right foot you're likely to spiral down a slippery slope that begins with one harmless bagel and ends with you raiding the office break room … [Continue reading]

Coffee Bean Lies.


So if you know me and we've taken a latte excursion together then you've probably heard me get on my soap box about this. Coffee Bean lies. It's no coincidence that their "No Sugar Added" lattes are superior to those of Starbucks. There's a reason … [Continue reading]