Mrs. English Goes to Hollywood


I'm so happy! My mom and sister are in town for the weekend.After the exhausting 24 hours I had yesterday, it's been nice to have my family here to chill out. Unlike on their usual visits, they're actually not driving me crazy... yet.My mom is … [Continue reading]

Travel Day: "Safe Haven" Set Visit


Though I'm very tired from waking up at 5 a.m. today, I am very excited to be traveling to Southport, North Carolina! Β Photo Credit: Aerial Photography ServicesIt look so pretty! Unfortunately I won't be doing much sight-seeing. I'm flying in just … [Continue reading]

Maria Menounos Knows Best


First off, I must apologize for my slacking on posts lately. My new job has had me very busy without much time to be bloggin. The good news is that I've been meeting tons of people that you guys will want to hear about! First up is Maria … [Continue reading]

Weigh Low: Vegan Lentil Enchiladas


I took my own advice and had a Monday Funday with my girlfriend Shenae this week.Apparently Shenae has been salivating in seclusion as she read my blog entries from her Malibu pad, wishing she was here with me in health food heaven. So upon her … [Continue reading]

The Endless Possibilites of Overnight Oats


I've never really written about Overnight Oats before. Mostly, because I figured every savvy dieter has already heard of them. But to my amazement, my usually "in the know" boyfriend was shocked the other day when he was exposed to their creamy … [Continue reading]

Fun With Food Processors: Part 2, Nut Butter


I'm sure you've heard that you can make your own nut butter at home. But did you know that it is super easy? Everything seems to be these days... now that I have my trusty food processor. I imagine this is how the cavemen felt when they discovered … [Continue reading]

Fun With Food Processors: Part 1, Froyo

froyo final

I have been dying to get a food processor for months now. After receiving one faulty device, I finally have a working one at my disposal, and I am so excited to use it! First on the list of food products to pulverize...frozen bananas. I recently … [Continue reading]