Sushi For Beginners

If you roll with me, you have to like sushi (pun absolutely intended, as always). Any time someone asks me, "Hey, what kind of food are you in the mood for?" The answer is always the same... sushi. "Where do you want to go eat?" Echi Sushi. It … [Continue reading]

My Weight Loss Story

As I sit here about to write a post about what I've been up to this weekend while vacationing in Michigan, I realized that I've never actually written about what originally sparked my interest in health, fitness, and nutrition. Since this is where it … [Continue reading]

Pound Party #RockstarSummer

Yay, it's finally the weekend. And even better, I'm on vacation! As I told you yesterday, I'm in Lansing, Michigan visiting my Grandpa and my young, fabulous "Grandma," Paula. But before I dive into all the fun things I'm doing here, I have to … [Continue reading]

Food For Thought Friday

I use traveling as a time to catch up on the sometimes 3-month stack of fitness and fashion magazines that have accumulated in my mailbox. I’ve always been a big fan of magazines like Self, Women’s Health, Glamour, Cosmo, and many more. But ever … [Continue reading]

Free Beauty-Foodie Event Tonight

Hey beautiful! Yeah, I'm talking to you. Got plans tonight? No? Well then you should head over to this free, fabulous book signing and find out how celebrities like Mila Kumis, Nancy O' Dell and Paula Abdul eat their way to beautiful … [Continue reading]

WIAW: Skinny Spaghetti Squash Lasanga

  I know squash is a fall vegetable, but I just can't help but eat it all year round. So, when I found this amazing recipe on Skinnytaste, I knew it was time to use that Spaghetti Squash that's been hibernating in my refrigerator for the past … [Continue reading]

Chow’s First Trip to Catalina Island

This is one of the first Monday's in a while that I actually feel refreshed from the weekend! After spending the entire week fighting a mean cold, my symptoms finally cleared up and I was able to enjoy a fun, fitness-packed weekend with my … [Continue reading]

L.A.’s New Flywheel is the Shiz

It's #FitnessFriday folks! Get ready to get sweaty. So, I know I'm like totally behind the times on this, but I just recently tried Flywheel for the first time. It's not like I hadn't heard of it. I'm not that out of the loop, c'mon! I'm … [Continue reading]

WIAW: Tons of Carbs

When you're sick, do you eat more or less? Some people lose their appetite along with their health, while others coddle their tired bodies with comfort food. I'm of the latter group. I like to eat tons of carbs, warm, cheesy food and … [Continue reading]

My To Do List: Get Aubrey Plaza’s Hot Bod

Photo Credit: Nylon Guys Aubrey Plaza has a sick bod, and so do I. Except my "sick" bod is physically sick, as in I have been getting the cold sweats and hacking up a lung all day. Her sick bod is toned and svelte as seen in her upcoming flick, … [Continue reading]