Donna’s Protein-Packed Chicken Patties

I told you there was more to my San Fran trip, and you will not be disappointed! Before heading home to L.A. last Sunday night, the BF and I met up with his parents for an intense 7 mile hike in Mount Tamalpais State Park, about 45 minutes from … [Continue reading]

To Live & Diet in L.A. S.F.

Staying on track with your diet and fitness goals can be hard when you travel. Not only do you feel like splurging because you're on vacation, but most of the time, you don't even know where to go to find diet-friendly fair. For today's What I Ate … [Continue reading]

Weight Training for Women Giveaway Winners!

Monday's are no fun, but for four of you... your Monday is about to get a whole lot better. Congrats to XoSonja, Amanda, Michelle and Nicole, the winners of the Weight Training for Women series giveaway! I'll email each of you directly to let … [Continue reading]

Women’s Weight Training 101: The Abs

Hey Everyone, it's the last day of the Women's Weight Training series with Holly Perkins. Are you sad?? Awwwww, don't be! At the end of this post you'll see how you can keep these amazingly helpful tips rolling in for weeks to come. So … [Continue reading]

Women’s Weight Training 101: The Lateral Raise

We're just moving right along, aren't we! It's already Day 4 of the Weight Training for Women series with Holly Perkins, CSCS and Promax Nutrition Ambassador. You must be looking pretty long, lean and mean right now! Today's lesson focuses on … [Continue reading]

Women’s Weight Training 101: The Lateral Pulldown

You've seen the dudes in the weight room grunting like pigs at a trough as they throw their whole bodies into a Wide Grip Lateral Pulldown. First off, that's not proper technique. But that's not the point of this post. The point is: that can't … [Continue reading]

Women’s Weight Training 101: The Chest Press

Welcome to the second day of my Women's Weight Training series with celebrity trainer and Promax Nutrition Ambassador, Holly Perkins! Yes, I know the picture above is not of a chest press...I'm not that clueless about weight lifting. Before you … [Continue reading]

WIAW: Skinny Chicken Salad

Ever since I started working in an office again, I've been eating out wayyy too much. My co-workers and I grab lunch practically every single day. It's fun and all, but it can be taxing weight and wallet-wise. So for the past week or so, I've been … [Continue reading]

Women’s Weight Training 101: The Leg Press

Welcome to your first lesson in weight training for women! You know how in the previous post Why Women & Men Should Weight Train Differently, celebrity trainer Holly Perkins said that every time you change an angle or push weight in a … [Continue reading]

Why Men & Women Should Weight Train Differently

Let me guess, you probably learned weight training from a guy. Maybe it was your boyfriend, your ripped BFF, a hot trainer, or your abnormally amped-up Phys. Ed teacher. Whoever it was, you probably followed their instructions to a tee, and have … [Continue reading]