The Endless Possibilites of Overnight Oats


I've never really written about Overnight Oats before. Mostly, because I figured every savvy dieter has already heard of them. But to my amazement, my usually "in the know" boyfriend was shocked the other day when he was exposed to their creamy … [Read more...]

Whitney’s Weigh Low: Burger and Fries


All that burger and fries talk on Tuesday had me craving the All American meal. But instead of booking it over to Mickey D's, I decided to make a vegetarian version of this classically fatty feast. Black Bean Burgers are another dish I've been dying … [Read more...]

Whitney’s Weigh Low: Caribbean Night


Ever since I got back from Honduras, I've been craving some island inspired food. And with Mangos on sale at the grocery store this week, it was the prefect time to create a fun and fruity dish.Using two recipes from Averie's blog as a guide, I … [Read more...]

Whitney’s Weigh-Low: Souper Slimmer


I spent the weekend in Las Vegas for my girlfriend Emily's Bachelorette party. It was a blast, as expected, but it left me feeling less than fit.From dining on fabulous but fatty feasts to downing sugary drinks with naughty names, the festivities had … [Read more...]

Vegan’s Cheesy Little Secret


When you think of yeast, I'm sure tasty is the last description that comes to mind. But something many omnivores don't know is that our veggie-loving vegan friends use just that to add a major flavor burst to their favorite cheesy dishes. Nutritional … [Read more...]

Fun With Food Processors: Part 2, Nut Butter


I'm sure you've heard that you can make your own nut butter at home. But did you know that it is super easy? Everything seems to be these days... now that I have my trusty food processor. I imagine this is how the cavemen felt when they discovered … [Read more...]

Fun With Food Processors: Part 1, Froyo

froyo final

I have been dying to get a food processor for months now. After receiving one faulty device, I finally have a working one at my disposal, and I am so excited to use it! First on the list of food products to pulverize...frozen bananas. I recently … [Read more...]

Loafing Around


I usually have a million errands to run on the weekend but this weekend for once, I had nothing to do. I decided I had better not just loaf around, but make some actual use of my free time and finally get around to trying out one of the recipes I've … [Read more...]