5 FREE LA Fitness Classes + Events!

Workouts classes are fun — but you know what's even more fun? Free workout classes. And what's even more fun than that? Free workout classes followed by free healthy snacks and drinks, music, discounts on activewear, giveaways, and gift bags. … [Read more...]

5 Unconventional Fitness
Activities to Try in LA

After having the best time burning cals and biking around the Westside lately, I've been pondering other ways to get a dose of fitness with a dash of fun. I'm all about getting a great workout without feeling like I'm working out. It's why I avoid … [Read more...]

SingleFit: The New Dating App for Fitness Lovers

I don't know why, but I love to play matchmaker. Ever since I was old enough to understand the birds and the bees, I was trying to set people up. Sadly, none of these attempts were successful, but I put genuine effort into each one! Call me a … [Read more...]

A Fun, Fit Bike Date By the Beach

Do you and your partner frequently find yourselves stuck in a rut when it comes to date night? Opting to #NetflixAndChill over doing something exciting, simply due to a lack of inspo or preparation? The hubs and I do. We're often too tired … [Read more...]

My FREE 3-Day Meal Plan

Hi Friends! With the New Year upon us, and celebrities turned "wellness experts" hocking their life-changing detoxes diets with dubious, expensive ingredients like "Moon Dust" (thanks, but no thanks, Gwyneth), I felt it was time to share my guide … [Read more...]

Playlist Yoga Brings Sick Beats to the LA Savasana Scene

Listening to Lil' Wayne spit rhymes over the melody to Hotel California while balancing in tree pose — only in, well, California. In what's sure to start the biggest yoga craze since 100° temps, Playlist Yoga is bringing seriously sick beats to … [Read more...]


Heads up LA-dies + Gents! Tomorrow night I'm hosting a Vinyasa Flow class at the brand spanking new studio PLAYLIST yoga in West Hollywood! All of my local friends and foodies are invited to join me and experience what is sure to be the hottest … [Read more...]

9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before the
LA Spartan Race

I've always been a little impulsive, especially when it comes to feats of strength and athleticism. "Oh, you don't think I can scale this 10 ft wall? Watch me." "You don't think I can do a dancer's pose balanced on a slippery, icy rock … [Read more...]

The Balanced Blonde Talks Burgers, HIIT + Her Weirdest Fitness Habit

Remember that series I started a while back and then totally forgot about? Well, I'm bringing the Healthy L.A.dies posts back! For those who don't remember, the series features fit, fabulous women living inspirational lives in L.A. From their … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Stay on Track
with Winter Workouts

It's easy to let your workout routine slide during the winter. Believe me, I know how tough it is to get out of a nice warm bed at the crack of dawn and force yourself out into the dark, chilly morning to make it to the gym. Not fun. There are … [Read more...]