8 Easy Bread Replacements

Now don't get me wrong — I love wheat. I'm not a fan of the campaign against gluten and I think most people (other than those with Celiac's disease) can tolerate it just fine (at least in normal portion sizes). I do think though that we should … [Read more...]

5 “Superfoods” to Try This Fall

Despite the fact that it is blazing outside (at least here in LA), today is officially the first day of fall! The weather tricked me last week with a brief spell of rain and cool breezes but it's been back in the 80s/90s this week, and I am dying … [Read more...]

5 Time Management Tips
for Busy, Fit Babes

Last week, I asked you guys what topics you'd like to hear more about so that I can use my time outside of school efficiently and focus on things you're really interested in. Appropriately, time management was one of those! One reader asked if I … [Read more...]

What Is “OBLA” + How Can It Improve Your Fitness Level?

I'm guessing as the title states, you're wondering — what the heck is OBLA? Oh, what? You haven't heard of OBLA? You're so out of the loop. Just kidding. I hadn't heard of it either until last week. … [Read more...]

Saturated Fat: Good, Bad or Benign?

Saturated fat is bad. Wait, no. Saturated fat used to be bad, now saturated fat is good. No, that can't be right. Some saturated fat is good — like coconut oil — and some saturated fat is bad — like the kind from mass-produced meat. Yeah, that's … [Read more...]

A Watermelon Coconut Smuice
+ My Honeymoon Plans!

As you read this, I'm likely awakening from a very tumultuous sleep (or lack there of), groggy, grumpy, and per usual, hangry — but that tide will quickly turn. Why, you ask? Because how can you have a case of the Mondays when you're on your … [Read more...]

5 Essential Health Facts I Learned
at BlogFest 2015

In my experience, conferences can sometimes be boring, repetitive, and occasionally, a waste of time and money. The 2015 IDEA World BlogFest was anything but. Over the past two days, I learned so many helpful tips and tricks about blogging, … [Read more...]

Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil
+ Tuna Pasta Salad

When I think of summer food, one of the things that comes to mind is picnics, potlucks, and pasta salad. … [Read more...]

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter:
Is One Really Healthier?

I hear it all the time: "Almond butter is way healthier than peanut butter." When pressed for specifics though, people are often at a loss as to why they believe this is the case. It reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel's "What is Gluten" … [Read more...]

They’re What’s For Dinner!

No, that's not the name of a new reality show on the Discovery channel — culinary crickets are coming to Los Angeles, and who knows, maybe to your dinner table! A 25-year-old entrepreneur named Elliot Merman recently purchased a 7,000 sq ft. … [Read more...]