5 Time Management Tips
for Busy, Fit Babes

But first cardio

Last week, I asked you guys what topics you'd like to hear more about so that I can use my time outside of school efficiently and focus on things you're really interested in. Appropriately, time management was one of those! One reader asked if I … [Read more...]

What Is “OBLA” + How Can It Improve Your Fitness Level?


I'm guessing as the title states, you're wondering — what the heck is OBLA? Oh, what? You haven't heard of OBLA? You're so out of the loop. Just kidding. I hadn't heard of it either until last week. … [Read more...]

Saturated Fat: Good, Bad or Benign?


Saturated fat is bad. Wait, no. Saturated fat used to be bad, now saturated fat is good. No, that can't be right. Some saturated fat is good — like coconut oil — and some saturated fat is bad — like the kind from mass-produced meat. Yeah, that's … [Read more...]

A Watermelon Coconut Smuice
+ My Honeymoon Plans!


As you read this, I'm likely awakening from a very tumultuous sleep (or lack there of), groggy, grumpy, and per usual, hangry — but that tide will quickly turn. Why, you ask? Because how can you have a case of the Mondays when you're on your … [Read more...]

5 Essential Health Facts I Learned
at BlogFest 2015


In my experience, conferences can sometimes be boring, repetitive, and occasionally, a waste of time and money. The 2015 IDEA World BlogFest was anything but. Over the past two days, I learned so many helpful tips and tricks about blogging, … [Read more...]

Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil
+ Tuna Pasta Salad


When I think of summer food, one of the things that comes to mind is picnics, potlucks, and pasta salad. … [Read more...]

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter:
Is One Really Healthier?


I hear it all the time: "Almond butter is way healthier than peanut butter." When pressed for specifics though, people are often at a loss as to why they believe this is the case. It reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel's "What is Gluten" … [Read more...]

They’re What’s For Dinner!


No, that's not the name of a new reality show on the Discovery channel — culinary crickets are coming to Los Angeles, and who knows, maybe to your dinner table! A 25-year-old entrepreneur named Elliot Merman recently purchased a 7,000 sq ft. … [Read more...]

5 Earth Day Switches That Will
Benefit Your Bod


Happy Earth Day Everyone! I hope you will all take moment today to step outside, breathe in some fresh air, catch a few rays of sunshine, and give thanks to whomever you credit for your existence for this beauty that we call Mother … [Read more...]

7 Registry Must-Haves
For The Healthy Bride


Aw, weddings. The tender moments, the bonding time spent with family and friends, the memories to last a lifetime, the gifts, the overwhelming feelings of love and happiness — did I mention the gifts? As my wedding date quickly approaches, the … [Read more...]