The Best of Expo West 2016

Guys, I seriously can't overemphasize this  — today's giveaway is the BIGGEST EVER. But first, let's talk about Expo West :) Every year, throngs of healthy food enthusiasts flock from all over the west coast to the Anaheim Convention Center with … [Read more...]

Give Back with Larabar +
Win a Tasty Giveaway!

My food philosophy is simple: eat real food. When you eat real food, you know you're getting the good stuff without any "junk" added in. You don't have to worry about hidden sugar, excess salt, preservatives, etc. You also don't really have to … [Read more...]

The Truth About Microwaves

Microwaves get a bad rap. At least once a week, I stumble upon a "wellness blog" where a science-butchering, fearmonger is talking smack about this incredibly convenient kitchen appliance. The laundry list of offenses committed by the modest … [Read more...]

You’re Invited: Free Yoga
+ a Nutrition Talk with ME!

Have you heard the saying, "Weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% diet?" It's mostly true. What you eat plays a HUGE role in your ability to lose weight. You really can't outrun a bad diet. Think of it this way — you burn around 200-600 calories … [Read more...]

The Secret to Perfectly Baked Salmon Every Time

I love salmon. I like it grilled, baked, packed into a patty, served straight from the ocean. I like it a lot. But the problem with salmon is it can be a pain to cook. I used to hate making salmon at home because every time I did, it was a … [Read more...]

A Fun, Fit Bike Date By the Beach

Do you and your partner frequently find yourselves stuck in a rut when it comes to date night? Opting to #NetflixAndChill over doing something exciting, simply due to a lack of inspo or preparation? The hubs and I do. We're often too tired … [Read more...]

Why Charcoal Detoxing is Complete BS

If you've turned on the TV, opened a magazine, or basically just been remotely conscious the past month, you've probably heard this popular word being tossed around: detox. New Year's detox diets are all the rage right now with health and wellness … [Read more...]

5 Simple Dietary Swaps For a
Healthier New Year

Every New Year, we sit down and make a list of things we're going to start doing or stop doing in an effort to have a happier, healthier year. I'm all for it. I think we should constantly strive to better ourselves and take advantage of every … [Read more...]

2015 Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

We're six days away from Christmas and I'm finally wrapping up my gift guide — procrastination at it finest. Time to start thinking about the final touches, stocking stuffers! My mom has always put a lot of time and effort into picking the perfect … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to a Victoria’s Secret Model

Victoria's Secret models are freaks of nature. Like really, really, really ridiculously good looking anomalies. They're not born everyday — hence the reason there are like twenty of them and seven billion of us regular folk. There's a reason … [Read more...]