Simply Stylist CEO Sarah Pollack Boyd Shares Her Tips for Fit Fashion

Sarah Pollack Boyd Simply Stylist

Fashion is obviously not my niche — unless you considered a 24/7 uniform of black leggings and a knotted tank sporting a slogan like "Mo Yoga, Less Problems" on-trend — then I'm super hip. I'm not saying I'm unfashionable, but I'll be the first to … [Read more...]

7-Minute HIIT Cardio Circuit + 30 Days of Pilates Body Videos


Up for a quick, fun workout this weekend that is equipment-free? Try this 7-Minute HIIT Cardio Circuit that I created for my friend Robin Long's 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge. The free challenge … [Read more...]

You’re Invited: Free Yoga
+ a Nutrition Talk with ME!


Have you heard the saying, "Weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% diet?" It's mostly true. What you eat plays a HUGE role in your ability to lose weight. You really can't outrun a bad diet. Think of it this way — you burn around 200-600 calories … [Read more...]

5 FREE LA Fitness Classes + Events!


Workouts classes are fun — but you know what's even more fun? Free workout classes. And what's even more fun than that? Free workout classes followed by free healthy snacks and drinks, music, discounts on activewear, giveaways, and gift bags. … [Read more...]

5 Unconventional Fitness
Activities to Try in LA

Hula Hooping Los Angeles

After having the best time burning cals and biking around the Westside lately, I've been pondering other ways to get a dose of fitness with a dash of fun. I'm all about getting a great workout without feeling like I'm working out. It's why I avoid … [Read more...]

SingleFit: The New Dating App for Fitness Lovers


I don't know why, but I love to play matchmaker. Ever since I was old enough to understand the birds and the bees, I was trying to set people up. Sadly, none of these attempts were successful, but I put genuine effort into each one! Call me a … [Read more...]

A Fun, Fit Bike Date By the Beach

Sole Bikes Date

Do you and your partner frequently find yourselves stuck in a rut when it comes to date night? Opting to #NetflixAndChill over doing something exciting, simply due to a lack of inspo or preparation? The hubs and I do. We're often too tired … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Progress Your Plank

Advanced Plank - Knee to Elbow

If you're a yogi, Pilates lover, or bootcamp class regular, I'm guessing you've gotten pretty good at doing a plank by now. Planks have basically become an exercise standard with most group fitness classes incorporating them into regular training … [Read more...]

Playlist Yoga Brings Sick Beats to the LA Savasana Scene

Playlist Yoga LA

Listening to Lil' Wayne spit rhymes over the melody to Hotel California while balancing in tree pose — only in, well, California. In what's sure to start the biggest yoga craze since 100° temps, Playlist Yoga is bringing seriously sick beats to … [Read more...]

VIDEO: A 7-Minute Total Body
HIIT Workout

Whitney English - HIIT Workout

*This post is sponsored by SearsStyle but all opinions are my own. The New Year is always a great time to reassess and reset our expectations, and make changes to help achieve our goals. This refresh is usually very successful, at least at … [Read more...]