30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

I’ve teamed up with my Propel Co:Labs pals Rachael and Rachel to bring you guys a heart-pumping 30-minute bodyweight workout you can do anywhere this summer! 

30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

The number one thing people ask me about fitness is how I stay on top of my workouts while traveling.

First — I’m always staying active. When I travel I walk everywhere.

Last month my husband and I went to Seattle for the weekend and we clocked over 30 miles in three days. No joke.

The second thing I do is fit in quick bodyweight workouts.

Bodyweight workouts are great because you can do them anywhere, meaning you don’t have waste your vacay in a musty hotel gym to get your sweat on.

When we’re traveling, the hubs and I will usually go for a morning jog or walk to a pretty outdoor spot — a local park, the beach, etc. — and knock out a quick circuit before grabbing coffee.

Since many of you have summer vacations coming up, my pals Rachael of Sweat and Repeat and Rachel of The Dimple Life (who participated in Propel Co:Labs in NYC with me recently) teamed up to bring you a fun, fast-paced workout that you can try out on your travels. No equipment or space necessary.


What you may want to grab, however, is a bottle of cold Propel Water.

With temps rising, we lose a lot more sweat when we’re working out outdoors, meaning we’re also losing a lot more electrolytes. Propel is the only enhanced water on the market with enough of these important minerals to replace what you lose during a workout.

Plus, they just released a super tasty new summer flavor — Watermelon!

PS – How cute is the watermelon yoga mat in these pics?! Get one like it here or one with watermelon *and* popsicles here.

Alright, now that you’ve got your hydration in check and the only piece of equipment you need (you), let’s get to it!

This 30-minute Bodyweight Workout features three circuits with three moves in each circuit. Each of us is bringing you one of the circuits.

Once you learn my circuit, head over to Rachel and Rachael’s blogs for the other two circuits. Combine all three for the full workout.


Outfit deets: Alo Epic Leggings //Alo True Tank


Complete my circuit by performing the exercises back to back for 45 seconds each, with a 15-second break in between each one. Once you’ve completed all three exercises, three times each (9 total), take a one-minute break.

Exercise #1: Can Can Triceps Dips


Sit with knees bent, hands and feet flat on the ground, fingers facing forward. Press up, lifting your pelvis off the ground.


Bend elbows while kicking one leg straight out. Return to start. Repeat on the other leg, back and forth for 45 seconds.

Exercise #2: Side Plank with a Leg Lift


Start in side plank with feet stacked and the bottom hand on the ground, placed directly under the shoulder.


Lift the top leg slowly, maintaining balance. Return to start and rotate to the other side. Repeat exercise back and forth for 45 seconds.

To modify, drop the bottom knee for the leg lift.

Exercise #3: Mountain Climbers


You know the drill — starting in plank, alternate bringing your knees to your elbows. Go as fast or as slow as you’d like, but remember to keep your back flat and abs engaged.

Now, do the next circuit: Circuit #2 from Rachel >>

Once you’ve done that circuit, you get another one-minute break.

Next, do the last circuit: Circuit #3 from Rachael >>

The whole thing takes about 30 minutes to complete!

30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

FYI, this August, Propel Co:Labs is coming to Los Angeles for a week of studio workouts, as well as a 3-day Fitness Festival — and all three of us will be there!

You can check out details on the fun to come here >> 

And in the meantime, enter to WIN a trip to the festival with Propel Sweat Rewards and the new Under Armor Map My Fitness app. From now until July 15th, users can earn points by participating in fitness challenges, which go toward awesome prizes like a round trip ticket to Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival this fall, as well as a private workout with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, and a $500 Under Armour gift card!

Um, on second thought, don’t enter because I want to win 😉

Want more bodyweight workouts for your summer travels? Try these:

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Weigh in: How do you stay active while traveling? Will you try this 30-Minute Bodyweight Workout? Are you planning on coming to the Propel:CoLabs Fitness Festival?!

*This post is sponsored by Propel but all opinions are my own. Also, I am a certified personal trainer but you should consult with a physician before starting a new exercise routine.


  1. Whitney, Would love to chat with you about some good LA eats that are healthy and perfect for your healthy workout lifestyle.

  2. Love workouts like this for travel and those black leggings are so cute!

  3. Oh Lord. Mountain climbers are a killer! Great workout, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. It was so fun doing this workout with you!
    Rachel recently posted…A 30 Minute Workout You Can Do AnywhereMy Profile

  5. All my favorite ladies!! Can’t wait to try this workout

  6. Great workouts right there. Add these with a battle rope and it’s gonna be intense! My favorites are definitely planks (front and side), and mountain climbers.

  7. Not a lot of people realise how much a 5-minute plank does to our bodies! I make it a point to do at least 10 minutes daily even when I’m travelling!

  8. I will be taking this on my next vacation! perfect!
    Alexis recently posted…Lavender Simple SyrupMy Profile

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