A One-Hour Bootcamp-Style
Wedding Workout


Sweating for the wedding is becoming increasingly popular. I mean, they have shirts for it.

Wanna squat before the knot?

While I don’t encourage women (or men) to put their bodies through hell for months in an attempt to look “perfect” for one day, sacrificing health and setting unrealistic expectations (but that’s a topic for another day), I always support people starting or continuing practical, long-term exercise plans.

But why stop before the wedding? Many couples are now adopting a ritual of sweating on the wedding (pre-ceremony of course).


Getting the blood pumping and neurotransmitters flowing on the big day is a great way to release any pent up pre-wedding jitters.

At my sister-in-law’s wedding last year, I put together an hour-long bootcamp style workout for her wedding day, and on my own wedding day I forced encouraged all our guests to join me for a wedding day namaste.

So when our cousin Sean and his fiance Michele tied the knot this weekend in Santa Barbara, naturally I was called upon to throw together what is quickly becoming a tradition in our clan — a wedding day bootcamp.


To fit with the wedding vibe, I worked in exercises from my Couple’s Core Workout, along with a few classic cardio bursts and a yoga-esque warm-up. And to get some friendly competition going, we rounded it out with a partner relay race.


This wedding workout is great for all ages and levels of fitness. We had children and grandparents alike join in this one, and several horses as you can see.


As it turned out, we’d picked a very inopportune time to host a bootcamp in the park. This park happened to be the meeting point for a horse parade that day and by the time that we were done exercising, we found ourselves fully surrounded by about 300 horses who were looking a little spooked by our squat jumps.

It all worked out though and everyone had a great time celebrating the happy couple and getting their sweat on before the ceremony.

If you have any family gatherings coming up, or just want to get a group of friends together, this wedding bootcamp workout is a fun, healthy activity for big groups.

A Pre-Wedding Workout Bootcamp


Warm-Up (5 min):

Complete each exercise once slowly, then pick up the pace, repeating the move for 1 minute.

  • Sun Salutes
  • Walk-Out Pushups with a Jump
  • Plank with Alternating Leg Lift
  • Plank with Alternating Runner’s Lunge
  • Downward Dog to Plank




Cardio Burst #1 (5 min):

Complete each exercise at your own pace, back to back, for as many rounds as possible for 5 minutes.

  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Butt Kicks
  • 10 High Knees
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 10 Push-Ups


Strength Circuit #1 (10 min):

Complete each exercise, back to back, for 1 minute. Take a quick break, then repeat once more.

  • Backward Lunge to Knee Raise (1 min each side)
  • Squat to Calf Raise
  • Single-Leg Deadlift (1 min each side)


Cardio Burst #2 (5 min):

Complete each exercise at your own pace, back to back, for as many rounds as possible for 5 minutes. *Burpees can be modified by eliminating the push-up and stepping back instead of jumping.

  • 10 Speed Skaters
  • 10 Front Kicks (each leg, touching the ground in between)
  • 10 Burpees*
  • 10 Triceps Dips


Strength Circuit #2 (8 min):

Complete each exercise with a partner for one minute, back to back. For the side plank and sit-up/knee drive, partners switch roles/spots at 30 seconds. After a short break, repeat the circuit once more. *Option to add a leg lift for a challenge.

  • Partner Squats
  • Plank “Pattycake” (4 High-Fives, 4 Shoulder Taps, 4 Leg Raises)
  • Parter Side Plank*
  • Sit-Up/Knee-Drive


Partner Relay 

Choose two points for participants to race between. Each partner runs to one point and back, doing the chosen exercise, then their partner runs there and back. For the wheelbarrow, partners will switch roles coming and going. The first team to finish wins. Note —if you have a bride or groomzilla, I suggest you let them win!

  • Karaoke
  • High Knee Skip
  • Backward Run
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Sprint

Another fun way to end bootcamps is with a plank challenge. At my sister-in-law Mary’s bootcamp, she won, holding her plank for four minutes. I can honestly say, no one let her win that!

Want to try the workout? Print this graphic or PIN it for later! >>

Michelle’s Bridal Bootcamp

Weigh In: Have you ever done a bridal bootcamp or wedding workout? What do you think about “sweating for the wedding?”


  1. Naomi Vidal says:

    Yes I have with you, and it was great!! 🙂

  2. You know I love this Whitney!

    I think that the wedding is great motivation to make some healthy tweaks that make you feel great in yourself, and exercising is definitely part of that. With that in mind I hate hearing about brides who want to lose an arbitrary weight just because they’re getting married. Tone up, increase energy, boost endorphins…that’s what’s worthwhile.

    And while I quite like #sweatingforthewedding I have a real problem with #sheddingforthewedding 🙁 Not cool!

    I bet your new sister in law loved having you take the reigns for their workout!

  3. I prefer to try and always stay in good shape but if I ever get around to finally finding a spouse I would not be opposed to putting in a little extra effort! This looks like fun, I like the games at the end:)
    Ellen recently posted…Take me to the moon. Duh.My Profile

  4. Couples workouts are fun and actually a great way to connect. Wedding workout, awesome.
    Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment recently posted…Healthy Sweet BBQ SauceMy Profile

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