Fitness + Foodie Gifts For Mom
+ A Giveaway!

Mother's Day Gift's for Your Fit Mama

My mom really cashes in during the month of May.

Not only does she have Mother’s Day to look forward to, but her birthday is also the first week of May — double whammy.

I’m not complaining though. She deserves every bit of gratitude and gifts we bestow on her — after all, she is my fitspo.

Lucky for her, we have a similar taste in clothes, and many of the same hobbies (exercise, cooking, etc), so it’s easy for me to find things she will like.

If you’re looking for gifts for your fitness-enthusiast or food-loving mom, here are a few that I know she’ll love.

And be sure to stick around until the end of the post for an awesome giveaway!

LEAF Fitness Tracker

1. The LEAF

This activity tracker is perfect for the stylish mom. Made from hypoallergenic silver or rose gold, and African blackwood or American ashwood, these pretty little baubles clip onto your sports bra or attach to a necklace or bracelet for fashion-forward fitness tracking.

The LEAF measures steps, sleep quality, activity, rest, and food intake. It can be used to track goals, guide meditation, and even predict ovulation (for the mommies-to-be out there).

My favorite part — you don’t have to charge it. It has six months of battery life and runs 24/7.

Delicacies pineapple bracelet

2. Delicacies Jewelry

Got a mama that loves to cook? Show her some love with dainty, delectable arm candy.

Delicacies is a line of jewelry created for foodies by designer Nicolle Nelson. Nicolle teams with popular chefs like the Travel Channel‘s Andrew Zimmern, to create these pretty little baubles and incorporate the perfect ingredients. Each delicate bracelet features a charm of your choice, including favorites like artichoke, pineapple, or octopus. The foods each hold special meaning, representing things like creativity, prosperity, and strength.

Plus — for every piece of jewelry purchased, Delicacies donates money to a nonprofit fighting hunger and food insecurity.

Adidas Pure Boost X Floral and Peach

3. Adidas Pure Boost X Running Shoes

My mom is totally that gal at the gym sporting head-to-toe monochromatic gear — from the shoes to the top to the visor. So when she saw my new pair of Adidas Pure Boost X shoes, she just had to have pair to match her new peach running shorts. Now we’re sneakers twins — like daughter like mother.

If your mom likes super stylish, lightweight, comfy kicks, these are the shoes for her. The Pure Boost X offers a sock-like fit, hugging your arches and providing customized support for every sole.

Carbon 38 Polymorphism Dress

4. Carbon 38 Polymorph Dress

My mom is a huge fan of what she calls “knock around” wear — something we tease her about nonstop. Whenever she needs an excuse to buy something that doesn’t serve a specific purpose, she classifies it as something she needs “to knock around in.”

This dress from Carbon 38 is right up her alley. It’s fashionable, for grabbing a post-sweat sesh lunch with the gals, and comfy enough to relax in.

PS – while you’re browsing for mom, I highly recommend you scoop up this hot Python Crop Top for yourself — ya know, for knocking around and such.

Brighten Moms Day Gift Set - 100 Pure

5. 100% Pure Brighten Mom’s Day Set

Brighten mom’s day (and her skin) with this amazing gift set from 100% Pure.

Not only are Pure’s products beautiful and effective, they’re also vegan and organic, made from essential oils and real fruit.

This awesome pack comes with Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, a Bright Eyes Mask, Anti-Aging Lipstick, Long-lasting Liner, Satin Eye Shadow, Creamy Nail Polish in Sugar, and Oil Blotting Papers — all for $35 — usually $85!

Green Canteen St. Franks

6. St. Frank’s Green Canteen Gift Set

Mom’s who love to travel and experience exotic cuisine will love this unique gift set from St. Frank’s. The set includes the Green Kitchen Travels cookbook, featuring delicious vegetarian recipes inspired by the author’s worldwide adventures, along with jasmine tea, pure saffron (helo Paella!), and handmade “Peace Coasters” from Rwanda.

And you can feel good about your gift — St. Frank’s is an awesome company, supporting economic empowerment for artisans from low-income countries.

Zeel In Home Massage

7. Zeel On-Demand Massage

A mom’s job never ends, and sometimes it’s hard for her to sneak away and relax. Make her mother’s day gift as convenient as possible by bringing it to her. Zeel offers in-home massages, on-demand. With a gift certificate to Zeel, mom can get a massage any time of the day, last-minute, in the comfort of her own home.

Zeel’s masseuses are all licensed therapists, providing the perfect relaxation experience without the hassle of driving, parking, etc. She can simply stroll into the living room, zen out for an hour, then roll off the table onto the couch — the ultimate luxury.

Coordinate with Dad to make Mom a fabulous post-rub down dinner, and you’ll score the daughter (or son) of the year award.

Want to win a fabulous gift for your mom (or to keep for yourself — I won’t tell).

Mothers Day Giveaway

Today I’m giving away 4 awesome products from this gift guide to 4 lucky readers:

  • 1 pair of Adidas Pure Boost X Running Shoes
  • 2 Delicacies Bracelets (winner’s choice of charm)
  • 1 100% Pure Brighten Mom’s Day Set

Simply follow the prompts in the widget below to enter. I’ll randomly select 4 winners on Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Weigh In: What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? How would you classify your mom: fitness-lover, healthy foodie, all around Superwoman?


  1. A fitness monitor that you DON’T HAVE TO CHARGE for six months!?! I’m sold!!! For me that is the biggest downfall to fitbit’s…I go so well for like three days. And then it runs out of battery and I don’t charge it for 5 months haha (actually though!).

    Some great finds here!
    Krissy @ Pretty Wee Things recently posted…No bake vegan chocolate cheesecake | Sugar freeMy Profile

  2. Entering the giveaway now! I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday & mother’s day! I still have to get my mom a gift but I’m thinking something that we can do together now that the semester is finally coming to an end. Oh, & I would definitely classify my mom as superwoman. No doubt about that one!
    xx Sara
    Sara Hadar recently posted…Weekend Moments: RelaxMy Profile

  3. I love this! My favorite memory (memories?) with my mom is baking/cooking with her. I grew up with her in the kitchen and have so many memories of her teaching me how to cook/bake from scratch!
    Claire recently posted…Sunday Breakfast Date – Woodberry KitchenMy Profile

  4. Awesome giveaway! My favorite memory with my mom is Saturday mornings when she would turn on (honestly, it was more like she blasted it! Haha) classical music and sing opera. I’d eat breakfast and basically be serenaded!

  5. Brooke says:

    This is such an amazing idea! Love this!

    My favourite memory of my mom, is quite simple. Every night before bed, when I was little, she would read Harry Potter to us and she would make voices for each character. We used to cuddle up on my sisters bed and read for at least an hour. My mom truly is superwoman.


    Ps: I’m enjoying reading others favourite memories 🙂 This is so sweet.

  6. My mom is a hard one to shop for! I know I will do a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet card, but I will probably try and plan some girl time as her gift! Maybe a mani/pedi, lunch out, yoga class, etc!
    Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life recently posted…I’m a Mom…?My Profile

  7. I would definitely classify my mom in the superwoman category. She is currently helping my sister raise twins and is a busy body on the go. Before moving to help out, she was attending 5-6 fitness classes a week all of which I taught. Zumba brought her to life and raised her spirits after an emotional ride had her down. I love my mom and hope to win a prize for her to enjoy! <3

  8. I definitely consider my mom a superwoman! She is a fitness lover and a healthy foodie and an all around amazing person who is always there for you no matter what it may be. She is a fit-sporation and an inspiration. Love her to pieces! Such an awesome giveaway! Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday and Mother’s Day!

  9. Mine is an all-around super woman! She is an amazing athlete (with taste in athleticwear to match), wonderful cook, and healthy eater too. She inspires me 🙂
    Caroline Kaufman recently posted…Loaded Hummus & Veggie SandwichMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Aw, such kind words about your mom! Now I see where you get your fashions sense + healthy cooking skill from 🙂

  10. This is a great idea! I have to admit – it was my mom that got me back into fitness a few years ago, when she bought a Groupon to a local fitness studio and I went with her. Since then, we love to work out together all the time, just signed up for our first 5k obstacle course together, and share recipes constantly.

    It’s hard to choose a favorite memory. I went to college in Miami Florida (originally from NYC) and every year my mom and I would drive from New York to Miami in my small, non-airconditioned, two-door Pontiac because she didn’t want me to make the trip alone. We’d stop halfway, around North Carolina, and pick up a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and a pizza, and watch a movie in the hotel before making the rest of the drive the next morning. It became a tradition, and we laughed so hard on these trips, I will never forget them 🙂

    • Whitney English says:

      That’s so cool that you and your mom motivate each other to work out! Good luck with the 5K!!

  11. My favorire memory with my mom takes place years ago when she took me to Hawaii for high school graduation. She’s a flight attendant so flying was a family affair, but this time it was just me and her. I was able to get her out and hiking, which is something us florida girls dont get to do often. That entire trip will stay with me forever. I am very lucky to have a mom that will go on adevtnures with me.

  12. My mom could always use new fitness gear! Great giveaway!
    Lindsey @livinglovingrunner recently posted…April RunfessionsMy Profile

  13. I loved going to the park and having a picnic with my mom and then walking around and enjoying the day. Favorite memory!

  14. LeeLee says:

    So many cute things

  15. Kristin G says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is her teaching me how to cook different things. I loved being in the kitchen with her. She would let me eat the leftover cake batter and I thought that was the best thing in the world.

  16. Kayley says:

    My mom died when I was young, so can I go with my grandma? I love spending time with her and one of my favorite memories with her is walking along a river in her town.

  17. I am getting my mom flowers and salt and pepper shakers from Crate&Barrel. She is a superwoman!

  18. My favorite memory with my mom is when we rode an elephant together when I was a little girl. So fun and sweet 🙂
    Edye recently posted…My Braces ExperienceMy Profile

  19. Tori Chica says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is making homemade pizza!

  20. paige c says:

    my favorite memories are the vacations we took together! We love to explore new cities

  21. My mom is superwoman she tries to eat pretty well and works out like crazy, Im getting her some healthy eating stuff like probably a spiralizer and whatnot to make healthy cooking easier.

    • Whitney English says:

      That’s a great gift!! My mom is fascinated by my spiralizer. I should prob get her one too 🙂

  22. My favorite memory with my mom were the many one on one all day shopping extravaganza’s where it was just the two of us and everyone else stayed home

    • Whitney English says:

      So fun!! My mom, sister, and I have had many of those – the men in the family just don’t understand 🙂

  23. Michelle says:

    My mom would love all these things. Thanks for the ideas!

  24. Raquel Novak says:

    My mom’s birthday is also in May (at the end though, while we are in Italy) So I am putting together a large birthday/belated mother’s day gift for her hopefully incorporating some beautiful gifts from Italy as well! I do; however, currently have an edible arrangements bouquet in order to arrive on Sunday to show my appreciation even from 2,000 miles away! But reading this, she would love any and all of the above gifts you mentioned! (Great procrastination from studying to look into some more ideas for her larger gift!) My favorite memories with her include our family days at the Gym every Sunday and spending time in the kitchen together cooking every weekend and every Holiday! I have her to thank for so many special family recipes that I cannot wait to share with my future family!

  25. Allison says:

    I have the Adidas Pure Boost shoes, and they are amazing! Favorite running shoe I’ve found to-date. My mom is an all-around superwoman and would love new charms!

  26. jennifer says:

    my favorite memory of my mom is cooking with her! growing up, she taught me to make korean dishes, and now, i show her all of my healthy-fied recipes. 🙂

  27. Dana king says:

    We are getting mom a painting done with all her grandkids footprints.

  28. Devin Self says:

    Such a great giveaway! My mom’s birthday is 3 days after Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday is 2 days after. So, we have a lot of celebrating to do! I honestly can’t pick just one favorite memory with my mom. She is my best friend and we do everything together and can always talk to each other about anything! I love to spend time with her and have the best time. I just hope I can be a quarter of the person she is because she’s an amazing, strong, selfless woman!

    • Whitney English says:

      Your mom sounds wonderful and she’s lucky to have such an awesome, appreciate daughter 🙂

  29. Samantha says:

    My favorite memory with my mom is from when i was about 8 or 9, we used to grab the car and just drive and explore, we would pack a lunch and she would let me choose what direction to go. We would make a day out of it. We found a castle once. We had a lot of fun trips just the two of us.

  30. Annette says:

    My favorite memories with my mom were her teaching me to sew and bake. She was very patient with me and was always happy when I wanted to do either of those things.

  31. Mariaelena says:

    My favorite memory is cooking with my mom!

  32. Jordan Dunne says:

    I think my favorite memories with my mom are the ones I share with her as I get older. It’s nice to know her not only as a parent, but as my best friend. She’s such an inspiration to me!

    • Whitney English says:

      Aw, that’s so sweet! It is very cool how your relationship with your parents changes as you get older!

  33. Serena Powell says:

    My favorite memory is going to the Pumpkin Patch with her when I was very little. I can distinctly remember picking out a pumpkin that was way to large for me to carry. It ended up with her having to carry the pumpkin, and me, back to the car at the end of the day.

  34. All of these gifts look awesome!! So perfect for pampering a fit foodie mom on mother’s day 🙂
    Tara | Treble in the Kitchen recently posted…Things I’m Loving: April 2016My Profile

  35. I have great memories of my mom during my childhood. She was a teacher and spent countless hours in her classroom with her each day after school.

    • Whitney English says:

      How nice! I’m sure you learned a lot from her! My mom was a teacher too and I loved hanging out with her at her school 🙂

  36. Michelle P says:

    My favorite memory is traveling with my mom. We have always taken such great rips together. Before I began my study abroad program in Italy, took a two week tour around the country – such an awesome experience. Hope I get to do the same with my kids!

    • Whitney English says:

      So cool!! I’m studying in Italy this summer too and meeting my parents in Florence for a weekend – should be a great family experience!

  37. My mom is the original healthy foodie! I credit my parents for my healthy eating habits. My mom made my lunch everyday for school and we ate dinner as a family pretty much every night. My mom even baked her own whole wheat bread from grain that she ground herself. Seriously! (the grain grinder was electric, but still!)

    • Whitney English says:

      Wow, your mom sounds awesome!! That is wonderful that she passed along her healthy habits to you!!

  38. My favorite memory is baking and cooking with my mom.

  39. Tracie Cooper says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is trips to the library and picnics at the park!

  40. All around Superwoman of course Awesome gifts.
    Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment recently posted…Are You Meeting Your Protein Needs?My Profile

  41. DealinDiva says:

    My favorite memory with my mo is in the kitchen. My mom is a wonderful cook and I love watching her move about the kitchen creating meals that I can never recreate, no matter how much she shows me. While she is cooking I get to chat with her and hear stories from her childhood. I feel like this is where she lets her guard down and I love these moments.

  42. Having her by my side at my graduation! It was such an emotional moment for the both of us. My mom has always motivated and inspired me and it was on that day that I could really see how far she’s brought me.

  43. When my mom planned a week long summer getaway for us to california right before I went to college 🙂

  44. Michelle B says:

    My favorite memory with my mom would be all the road trips we went on as a kid. We’d all sing together in the car and all that jazz. She also took me on a couple of just her and I vacations which were awesome. Unfortunately she passed away suddenly when I was 21, but I know she would have loved the leaf.

    • Whitney English says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. That’s great that you got to make some amazing memories together though. It sounds like you had some really fun road trips!

  45. Joti B says:

    My favorite memory is cooking with her.

  46. my favorite memories with my mom are our fun travels together. most recently, we visited tulum, mexico and had a blast 🙂

  47. Heather S says:

    Spending weekends thrifting with her 🙂

  48. Lauren h says:

    I remember when my mom use to sew a lot

  49. Harmony B says:

    I always remember dancing around the house with my mom. Even cleaning and dancing

  50. My favorite memory is of my mom and I making korean desserts when I was living at home.

  51. Jessica N says:

    My favorite memory with mom is everday I get to spend with her and hear her voice! I love when we go out into thw town together!

    • Whitney English says:

      That’s awesome that you can your mom can hit the town together!! She must be a lot of fun!

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