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My food philosophy is simple: eat real food.

When you eat real food, you know you’re getting the good stuff without any “junk” added in. You don’t have to worry about hidden sugar, excess salt, preservatives, etc.

You also don’t really have to worry about overeating — it’s kind of hard to go buck-wild on a bag of carrots or a bowl of quinoa. It’s easy to listen to your body’s internal cues and practice mindful eating when you don’t have addictive ingredients laced in your food.

This is why I cook at home a lot and make most of my food from scratch. There are very few products that I buy from the can, bottle, bag, etc.

Those that I do buy are held to very high standards. They have to be whole foods based, and contain the “best of the best” ingredients.

One such product is Larabar.

Larabar Apple Pie Healthy

It’s one of the few snack bars I recommend to friends and that I eat myself. I love Larabar because their products are the closest form of real food that you can buy in a wrapper — just unsweetened fruit, nuts, and spices. That’s it.

They’re so transparent about their wholesome ingredients that they even have videos on their site showing you how to make them at home.

Not everyone has the time or the means to make all of their own food at home though, which is why it’s nice to have Larabar at your disposal — an affordable, convenient, and trustworthy source of whole foods.

This month Larabar is going a step further to make healthy food accessible for everyone by teaming up with Feeding America, a group of non-profit food banks and shelters nationwide. They’ve donated $150,000 and created a call to action to encourage our community to donate time, food, or money to help fight hunger.

There are so many ways to do your part.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.47.15 AM

In my hood for example, there is an amazing organization called The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition that provides nightly meals for the impoverished in this community. Volunteers can easily sign up to either help prepare the food, transport it, or serve.

I recently lent a hand in their kitchen and it was an incredible experience. The dedication and passion of the staff and volunteers is infectious and it really inspired me to want to do more.

Another incredibly easy way I give back is by simply keeping a stash of Larabars in my car.

Larabar - Feeding America

Here in LA, we have a large homeless population and I encounter them on a daily basis. Whenever someone asks for money to buy food, it’s nice to have the bars on hand to give them.

Despite the derogatory comments I’ve heard about giving money to the homeless, most of these people really do want food. In fact, I’ve never once had someone turn down a bar!

Want to join the mission?

Share a photo or video on the platform of your choice showing your experience fighting hunger. Tag me: @whitneylenglish @larabar and #ShareRealFood. Next Monday, I’ll randomly select one reader to win a 16-Bar Variety Pack including all of Larabar’s delicious flavors!

*Giveaway is open to all U.S. residents over age 18. No purchase necessary.

Weigh In: What’s your favorite Larabar flavor? Have you ever volunteered at a food bank? How do you give back?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Larabar.


  1. I love all the larabar favors. They are my favorite energy bars. As far as volunteering, I do as much as I can. Feeding the hungry and helping the homeless are the ones closest to my heart. Love your site.

    • Whitney English says:

      Thank you so much Rita! That’s awesome that you’re passionate about helping the homeless/hungry. Keep up the selfless work!

  2. Larabars are by FAR my favorite of the bars. I eat one a day. 🙂
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…A concert, a date and my weekly workout reportMy Profile

  3. I love it that you keep a supply in your car to share with the homeless. What a great way to share a nutritious snack, hope and love!

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