Playlist Yoga Brings Sick Beats to the LA Savasana Scene

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Listening to Lil’ Wayne spit rhymes over the melody to Hotel California while balancing in tree pose — only in, well, California.

In what’s sure to start the biggest yoga craze since 100° temps, Playlist Yoga is bringing seriously sick beats to your vinyasa sesh.

If you’re a dedicated yogi, I’m sure you’ve taken a flow class set to music before — but I guarantee you’ve never taken one this hip.

Playlist Yoga La Lockers

The walls at Playlist yoga are adorned with rap-spirational quotes, the lockers assigned to lyricists like Pharrell and Beyonce, and the beats (as I mentioned before) are only the dopest.

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And then there’s the floor.

With it’s springy, memory-foam like padding, don’t be surprised if you feel comfy enough to doze off during savasana. However, that’s unlikely to happen given the outpouring of endorphins you’ll be experiencing following the high-energy, heart-pumping workout.


Instructors like Nicole Sciacca keep the class engaging and invigorating with unique sequences set to even more creative song mash-ups.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is — it’s awesome.

I hosted a class this week on the first night of their soft opening and it was a hit. With the WeHo contingent of Electric Flight Crew in attendance and a bunch of my favorite local fitness pals, we filled the studio to the brim with 42 people in a space meant to hold 41 tops.


Despite being packed in downward dog to downward dog, everyone had a blast and was incredibly impressed by the upbeat vibe and great burn.

A saving grace in a studio — that will likely to continue to be this popular — is the ability to reserve your actual spot in the class online (similar to booking your bike at SoulCycle).

For my ClassPasser’s out there, you’re in luck. The owners say they’ll be releasing classes on the app soon. In the meantime, you can sign up for their first-timers special and get unlimited classes for two weeks for only $45.

Last but not least – they have parking behind the studio for a couple of bucks.

If you don’t live here in L.A., you might think it’s weird that I’m mentioning that. If you do, you know that’s a perk worthy of a celebratory dancer’s pose.

Weigh In: Will you try Playlist Yoga? What’s your favorite type of yoga?


  1. Happy New Year, Whitney!! Love your upbeat spirit! I enjoy all kinds of yoga exercises, as long as they’re not too vigorous. My body feels good when I do the slow and light exertion-involving type of yoga, whatever it may be called. Thanks for reminding me to explore more of it this year. All the best…

    • Whitney English says:

      This studio might not be the one for you then – it’s pretty vigorous!! But there are plenty of other gentle yoga classes in the area 🙂

  2. This sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to try it out…ps. I’m moving to LA in two weeks!! 🙂 Thanks for doing a review…I’m gonna now go stalk a bunch more of your LA fitness scene posts! 😛

    • Whitney English says:

      What?! Yay!!! Where are you moving? Let’s plan a meetup! xo

      • It looks like the Marina, we haven’t been to apartment hunt yet (crazy I know, we’ve moved so many times it doesn’t even phase me anymore!) We are visiting next weekend, and then moving the following week!

        Let’s definitely meet up! 🙂 You actually did an interview with my friend Jenn over at Mind Body Bride (we used to work together in NC…small world!), we can all do a little “blogger meet up”! haha

        ps. friending you on facebook! 🙂
        Deanna @ The Live Fit Girls recently posted…The 10 BEST Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym!My Profile

        • Whitney English says:

          Wow – what a whirlwind move! Yes, Jenn and I actually just met up this week! Let me know when you’re settled in and the three of us will set a blogger date 🙂 xoxo

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