5 Healthy School Lunches
That Kids Will Love


August is Kids Eat Right Month, an initiative started by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to shine a spotlight on the nutritional needs of our country’s most vulnerable population, our children!

It’s also the start of the school year for students nationwide (including older kids like myself).



This month I’ll be starting my Masters of Science program in Nutrition at the University of Southern California, and I’m already trying to figure out how I’ll juggle school, blogging, training, exercise, and a healthy diet.

I know I’m not alone. Most moms and working women are likely expecting their schedules to pick up as well, after what was hopefully a relaxing summer. During this busy time, we could all use help making healthy decisions when it comes to lunchtime choices — whether for our kids or ourselves.

School lunch programs and free office food isn’t usually the most nutritious option. So to help get you prepared for a healthy school (and work) year, here are five of my favorite healthy school lunches for kids and adults alike!

5 Healthy School Lunches


Skinny Basil Chicken Salad 

Serve it on a sandwich, atop a bed of spinach, or on cute little cucumber slices as shown above.


Easy, Healthy Egg Salad

This mayo-free egg salad tastes just like the classic you loved growing up and I guarantee your kids won’t know the difference.


Deluxe Healthy Tuna Melt

This tuna salad recipe is also mayo-free, but packs as much flavor as the fatty original. With diced pickles for crunch and character, it’s a total winner with kids (and those with more complex tastebuds).

Make it a cheese melt at home or serve it cold on a sandwich or salad for brown-bagging.


Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil + Tuna Pasta Salad

A fun take on traditional pasta salad, and protein-packed thanks to the tuna. You can also sub chicken or shrimp in this easy, delicious recipe.

A great on-the-go meal since it holds up well without refrigeration.

ramen noodles

“Tastes Like Ramen” Noodle Soup

Though not as easy to transport as the other recipes, kids absolutely love this one, and it’s awesome once reheated. It’s also a great alternative for college students who crave the classic dorm room packaged snack.

In that case — you can cook the spaghetti squash in the microwave if your tiny living quarters lack a kitchen!

And for a bonus sweet treat…


4-Ingredient Cookies

Not gonna lie…sometimes I just eat a bunch of these and call it a meal.

With a healthy balance of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fat, it’s actually not a bad choice!

Weigh In: What’s your favorite healthy lunch? If you have kids, what do you pack for their school lunches?


  1. My son is totally obsessed with pasta, so the tuna pasta is a great idea. He’s only a toddler, but his favourite lunch would have to be sushi or a vegetable omelette.
    Krissy @ Pretty Wee Things recently posted…Toasted Ezekiel with low fat chocolate spread and figsMy Profile

  2. I work in schools and have not once in 8 years purchased school lunch! I always bring my own and it weirds co-workers out that I don’t partake in the lounge goodies either.
    Julie recently posted…Cultivating the “I Don’t Give A F***” AttitudeMy Profile

  3. Whitney, welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Indonesia. All the healthy lunch and dessert ideas above sound and look delish! Thanks for sharing. Btw, congratulations on starting your MS in Nutrition at USC this semester. Good luck and all the best on that journey. Hope you’ll share some of the nutrition health-related wisdom acquired through that program with us, too. May be that’ll help you stay on track both with blogging and working on your degree. 🙂

    • Whitney English says:

      Thank you so much! I will definitely be sharing all of the information I’m learning in my classes. You’re right – it’s a great way to mesh my blogging and school!

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