Black Bean Pasta – The Most Amazing Noodle Substitute EVER


You know those moments in life where you experience something for the first time and you’re like, “How in the world did I ever live without this?!”

Some examples: the first time you fell in love, the first time you got a bikini wax (after the initial pain of course), the first time you tried a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra – Oh, hello! Where did you two come from?

As only a healthy foodie might understand, trying black bean pasta was one of those moments for me.


At the Natural Foods Expo West a few months ago, I had my first run in with this miracle food.

Black Bean Pasta is exactly what you’d think it was, spaghetti noodles made from black beans. That’s it.

No add-ins, preservatives, nothing – just black beans. Seriously.

When I tried them at the expo, they were mixed with a heavy cream, curry sauce and they tasted fantastic — as you would expect of anything drenched in a delicious curry cream. I was skeptical though if that same orgasmic experience would transfer when I whipped them up in my own kitchen with a simple, healthy marinara.


Well, it did.

The noodles were the perfect chewy, but not rubbery, consistency. They really don’t taste like anything, just like regular wheat and brown rice pasta, making them the perfect vehicle for your sauce.

And believe me, if you’ve eaten slimy, fishy Shirataki Noodles, then you know that bland is best for pasta. I really don’t want to smell the ocean when I’m munching on macaroni.

The most impressive part about these noodles though is their nutritional content.

I’m just speaking about the brand I used, but I’m sure all pure black bean pasta is about the same.

One  2 oz serving (the same size as traditional wheat pasta) contains 12 grams of fiber, 36 % of your RDA of iron, and 25 grams of protein — holy peptide!

All that for only 180 calories.


Black bean pasta is a wonderful source of plant-based protein and it’s obviously gluten-free. The beans’ high fiber content helps with digestion, and because it’s digested slowly, it keeps you fuller longer, which has been shown to help with weight loss.

It has a low sugar content, so it doesn’t spike your glucose levels, making it a great choice for people with diabetes. Black beans are also on the list of the top 40 foods with the highest antioxidant content.

In addition to all that amazing stuff, researchers think black beans may also play a large role in heart health, promoting antihypertensive properties.

So yeah, black beans are pretty much the bomb.

Want to reap all these amazing benefits? Grab a bag of black bean pasta and try the easiest recipe ever.

I whipped up this simple dinner in about 10 minutes using Uncle Steve’s Tomato Basil Sauce — my new favorite organic pasta sauce. It was positively scrumptious.

Black Bean Pasta w/ Spinach & Marinara



2 oz Black Bean Spaghetti

1/2 C. Uncle Steve’s Tomato Basil Sauce

1 Handful Spinach

1 T. Parmesan Cheese (optional)


1. Boil pasta according to directions.

2. Pour out water. Stir in sauce and spinach. Top with parm.

3. Enjoy!

Total Calories: about 265

Note: I did not receive these noodles for free, I’m just an obsessed fan.

I did receive the pasta sauce; however, I was not compensated for it. Again, I’m just totally obsessed with the delicious simplicity of this tomato sauce.

Uncle Steve’s, which was created by former Sopranos‘ star Steve Schirripa, is made solely from organic tomatoes, onions, extra virgin olive oil, basil, garlic, salt and pepper. No sugar, 60 cals a serving, it’s amazing.

Happy Meatless Monday!

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Weigh In: Have you ever tried black bean pasta? What’s the strangest spaghetti substitute you’ve tried?


  1. Did it taste like eating black beans? Those noodles look very unique!

    • Whitney English says:

      It did I guess…in the way that black beans don’t really taste like anything. Pretty bland, in a good way!

    • Linda, its a WONDERFUL pasta and even my very PICKY eater son, devoured it, lol. Doesn’t taste like black beans at all to me and we had a homemade tomatoe sauce and meatballs on top, just amazing.

    • Unsure why 140p mg sodium as are totally tasteless and like tofu is a blanks slate. Was surprised as ssaltythey are not though i realize not all high sodium foods taste salty

  2. Thanks for introducing this to me! I cannot wait to try it!
    Julie recently posted…MIMM: Ink & Bean, The Yoga Mat & Luau SundayMy Profile

  3. I have to try this! It looks amazing <3 love your page

  4. Ooh ooh ooh I want to try it!
    Ellen recently posted…Nancy is THE bestMy Profile

  5. Holy peptide haha; you’re inner chem nerd is showing Whitney.
    I really want to try black bean spaghetti since I’m all about black bean everything.
    It’s on my list of things to hunt for when I have time at the grocery/health foods store.
    Thanks for sharing!
    GiselleR @ Diary of an ExSloth recently posted…5 Things on my Fitness Bucket ListMy Profile

  6. I had never heard of this before. Need to try ASAP! Where can you buy it? Whole Foods?

    • Whitney English says:

      Yes, Whole Foods it the only grocery store I found them at but they’re also available online. Link in the text above!

      • I bought them at Costco. They are delicious!!

      • In the Boston area (Watertown) you can also get the small bags at Stop and Shop. Whole Foods only sells the small bags, too. We originally found them in a huge box at Costco, though they only had them for a short time. Now we buy the big boxes online and stock up to get free shipping. It’s much cheaper than either S+S or WF.

        We make a big colorful stir fry and then throw in the cooked pasta with whatever stir fry sauce we want.

        Do you have more recipes for these? (Explore Asian only has 2 recipes on their website with the b.b. pasta – one of which is that coconut cream red curry you mentioned.

        We find their edamame noodles are firmer and hold up better to a thick veggie (onion, spinach, mushroom, etc.) pasta sauce, but YMMV.

  7. You crack me up!!! I need to try these! Looks so yummy!!

  8. Well I love black beans so I think I would really like this pasta!!!
    Kim recently posted…The Good and the Bad = LifeMy Profile

  9. I had no idea this existed and I’ve been gluten free for what feels like forever! I have to try this especially since you compared it to the love of bikini waxes which you know I am obsessed with!
    Bethann Wagner recently posted…Delicate PiecesMy Profile

  10. Lol about the VS push-up bra. I learned that one in high school. 😉 This pasta looks really good and I’m willing to try any dish with noodles at least once.

    Thanks for sharing Whitney!

    Dale Janee recently posted…What to Wear: Summer Girls’ Night OutMy Profile

  11. HA! Love the VC comment, Hello girlies! 😉 I’ve never tried this pasta because I have yet to find it! I need to go to whole foods immediately!! lol!

  12. I’ve got to look for this it looks so good. Perhaps I can even trick my family into eating it too!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Aspen Race for Cure 10K-Got O2?My Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      You totally can! I gave it to some visiting relatives and they had no idea it was made of black beans!

  13. Haha when I first saw the title I was praying it wouldn;t be those gross slime noodles with 0 calories…..those are lies.

    I LOVE these noodles- I tried them a while back and they taste pretty spot on! Have you tried the mung bean one? That isn’t too bad either!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Moving MealsMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Ewwww no! I used to tell myself that those things were edible and even posted about them on here a couple of years ago but let’s be honest, they’re not. They’re super gross.

      I haven’t tried the mung bean ones but you’ve piqued my interest. Trying those next, thanks Arman!

  14. I must try this when I move in to my place….It looks delicious ! The noodles look a little “iffy” and scary when boiling but the final result turns out nicely, LOL x

  15. Will definitely need to look for these. I “collect” wheat-free pasta since I do better with variety. I have rice/millet, rice/buckwheat, corn, corn/rice, quinoa/rice, etc. for years I’ve bought 100% buckwheat soba noodles and recently got buckwheat/sweet potato noodles. If you like beans and aren’t salt sensitive- look for Beanfield’s Bean&Rice chips. They use black beans with others. 4 grams protein and 4 grams fiber per serving. And very tasty, not like rocks as some other bean chips are. Simple ingredients. Includes vegan cheesy versions.

  16. I just found these a few weeks ago along with mung bean pasta from the same brand….most incredible discovery yet! I find that I don’t feel full after eating regular pasta and that I just crave more later because of the the refined carb content. I really enjoy making fettuccine Alfredo with a cauliflower-based sauce on the mung bean noodles (which have that same blandness that’s great about the black bean noodles). And yes, shirataki noodles are gross. I could only tolerate them smothered in sauce or in a strong broth at high temperatures.

  17. Hey.. I just bought this same brand of black bean pasta at Costco on Friday!

  18. I love these noodles. I will never eat any other kind ever again! When I’m in a rush or just too hungry to prepare very much. I boil the pasta and throw in some butter and parmesean cheese. Quick and satisfying 🙂

  19. I see that they are manufactured in China, along with the other pastas in this brand’s line. Do I need to be concerned?

  20. ‘The bomb’ is right … definitely gives the old sphincter a workout! :o)

  21. Wow!! @Whitney! You black bean pasta picture seems me so delicious..This is a mouth watering dish..Thanks for sharing this recipe above with ingredients and proper detail..Must say..I like your lovely post dear..Absolutely, worth to share!! I will definitely make this black bean pasta form my kids and husband..:)

  22. Kim Rebelo says:

    Hello, I just tried this today with my own homemade marinara sauce and they are amazing. My question is about the calories – It says 2 ounces for 180 calories, is that uncooked?

  23. Our walmart sells black bean pasta!

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