How Jessica Alba Lives & Diets in L.A.


When a celebrity puts their face on a product, nine times out of ten they don’t know squat about it.

That’s not an exact figure but a good guesstimate based on Hollywood’s remarkable sell-out rate. I also don’t have a figure for that, but simply scroll back through yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials and you’ll see what I mean.

Jessica Alba is honestly not that kind of celeb.

The Honest Company Turns 2 Birthday Celebration

She created The Honest Company after having the same doubts and concerns many new moms have about the safety of their household products, after giving birth to her first daughter, Honor.

Jessica decided to take the guesswork out of finding healthy products by creating her own, and has tirelessly researched every aspect of clean living so consumers know that when they buy a product from Honest, it will be, well, honest.

The girl clearly has a good head on her toned shoulders.

Being a fan of the company, I was over-the-moon to be invited to their 2nd Birthday last week and even more so when I realized I got to take home a bag full of their amazing goods.

The Honest Company Turns 2 Birthday Celebration

The best part though was chatting with the actress, who was so friendly and down-to-earth.


As we discussed some of her favorite restaurants and fitness studios in L.A., I thought to myself, “I could totally see us being good friends.”

Well, that’s probably not going to happen. But based on her L.A. favs, I’m guessing we might run into each other again.

Here’s what Jess (I’m going to consider us on a short-name basis) told me about her healthy, happy, honest life:

The Honest Company Turns 2 Birthday Celebration

Q: What are your tips for clean eating?

Jessica Alba: “When putting a meal together or going out to eat, try to use as much local food as possible. You can make an amazing, indulgent meal with fresh, organic produce and food. There’s a shocking amount of options here in L.A. because the weather is so great and we do have a lot of organic, farm-to-table options. I do a delivery service where I get a box of fresh produce weekly.”

Q: What are your favorite healthy restaurants?

JA: “I like everything from Real Food Daily, M Cafe, Lyfe Kitchen, and even Spago has great farm-to-table options.”

Author’s Note: On her must-try list is Gracias Madre, and awesome vegan, Mexican restaurant from the owners of Cafe Gratitude. I tried it recently and will be reviewing soon! Spoiler alert: it’s fabulous.

Q: Where do you go to get your sweat on?

JA: “Jen Johnson’s dance studio is super fun. You’re dancing and the music is loud and you don’t feel like it’s a workout, which is what I love. She also does private lessons so if you’re uncoordinated and you don’t want to show everyone your sweet moves, you can try it alone. I also like Hot 8 Yoga and I like Flywheel a lot.”

Q: Valentine’s Day is coming up, what’s your ideal healthy date night activity?

JA: “Because I work a lot and I don’t always have time to make my own meals, I get Simple Foods Home Delivery. [Cash and I] will each get our own, watch TV and have a glass of wine. That’s our favorite healthy date night. On the weekend we cook more but during the week when we’re slammed.”

Q: OK, so if you did have time, what sexy — but healthy — meal would you be whipping up for your man on V-day?

JA: “I made lobster for [Cash] once. A good filet is nice. Or just a clean, vegetarian pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil and parmesan.

I think what is healthy is indulging once in a while. I think balancing a strict diet with moments of indulging is fine. I think too much of anything is not the right way to go, at least not for me. Obviously you don’t want to indulge all the time, but a little here and there, sure.”

Q: So what do you reach for when you’re indulging?

JA: “Red Velvet Cake. Fonuts makes a good one. I’m also a huge fan of coconut water and there’s this new chocolate coconut water I’ve been drinking and it’s nothing short of absolutely amazing. It’s one of those delicious treats that’s more of a treat than completely healthy. But it’s re-hydrating me, so I feel good about that.”

Q: Give us some healthy Valentine’s Day meal inspiration — what are your favorite red foods?

JA: “Red beets, red cabbage, red or rainbow kale, strawberries, cherries….there’s too many to list!

UPDATE: After bringing home my Honest Co. goodies and testing them out, here’s the ones that highly recommend:

The Honest Company Multi-Surface Cleaner – It smells like fresh grapefruit!

The Honest Company Laundry Detergent –  Great for anyone with sensitive skin.

The Honest Company Wipes – Meant for babies, used by this prissy adult.

And I don’t have kids but I’m totally getting these adorable Giraffe diapers when I do!

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt, WireImage
*FYI this post was NOT sponsored by the Honest Co., honestly 😉

Weigh In: Are you a fan of Jessica Alba? Have you tried her Honest products? Are you now dying to check out all these hip spots she mentioned?


  1. Loved this post! I am happy to hear that she is sweet and down-to-earth, and I agree, it is nice to see a celebrity who actually knows the product they are promoting! 🙂
    Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Yeah, it’s surprisingly rare! You would think people would care more about the things they’re associated with.

  2. Oh my gosh!! That is too cool girlie. Just another reason to love her, as if I already didn’t 🙂
    Tatum recently posted…Skinny Chocolate Chip WafflesMy Profile

  3. Gosh, she is really beautiful! What a great company! So nice to hear she’s a sweetheart too. I’ve been hearing about that new vegan Mexican restaurant and I’m sooooo jealous, obviously since I’m vegan and live in Texas. No options in Houston like that 🙁
    The vegan 8 recently posted…How I Made The Perfect Brownie aka Fudgy Coconut Butter BrowniesMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Well, you’ll just have to make a trip out to LA then won’t you?! I’m sure you create just as fabulous Mexican dishes in your own kitchen though 🙂

  4. Jennifer King says:

    I love Jessica! I subscribe to the Honest monthly bundle- laundry, dish soap, floor cleaner, shampoo/body wash, laundry pods, bubble bath, and the veggie and fruit wash. Everything I’ve tried has been amazing. I mix the bundle up each month-a staple is the laundry detergent!

    • Whitney English says:

      That’s such a great idea! I really love the ones I’ve tried so far so I think I might get a subscription when these run out 🙂

  5. Great post!! So jealous of you! 🙂
    Jenny @ The Wellness Journey recently posted…Snow, Sleepovers, and FOOOOOOD!!!!My Profile

  6. Loved this – read every word! Sounds like you had a good time. I’ll have to try the products now! Which ones do you suggest?
    Julie recently posted…MIMM: Second New YearMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Thanks Julie! I plan on writing a more elaborate post about the products once I’ve tried them all. So far I really love the all-purpose kitchen cleaner. It smells like fresh grapefruit and appears to be working really well. I also got a bamboo scrubby brush to clean dishes that is working way better than my old one.

  7. I love the idea behind the Honest Company and I definitely want to hit up some of the restaurants she mentioned!
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…The Real “Big Game” Was On SaturdayMy Profile

  8. THIS IS SO COOL. Not only cause you interviewed one of my fav celebs, but also cause it sounds like she’s the real deal. Love everything about this!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…{Healthy Valentine’s Day Dinner} Lemon Ginger Asparagus with Toasted AlmondsMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Thanks girl!! This was actually the fourth time I’ve interviewed her and every time I’ve liked her more 🙂

  9. Umm, jealous you got to meet her! She seems really cool.
    Alison @ The Fit Chronicles recently posted…super bowl success: buffalo cauliflower bitesMy Profile

  10. Honest Company came out after my little one was out of their demographic but I love the ideas behind it. Saw them at the Nat Prod Expo last year and seriously, their booth was gorgeous and the staff at the booth were all well dressed (uniform). I definitely wanted to be a part of that life.

    I like a celebrity that uses their klout for good. BTW, JJ Dance Studio looks amazing and you looked pretty damned good next to JA.
    Melissa Burton recently posted…A Girl Power Mud Run For Cancer – The LoziLu Women’s Mud RunMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      I totally agree. It’s so refreshing to see a celeb promoting things that make the world better…instead of cars and fragrances haha.

      Maybe we should go take a class at JJ for an LA Bloggers get together?!

  11. Awesome post! I love Jessica Alba she’s so gorgeous and seems to down to earth too – I’m so jealous you got to meet her! I’d love to try all of those restaurants and if I find myself in LA sometime soon I definitely will be!

    Sam xx
    Sam Brown recently posted…7 TED Talks That Every Twenty-Something Must WatchMy Profile

  12. That’s awesome you got invited to that and got some products too! She has always had a figure that I really admired. Toned and athletic. and healthy looking. Oh and she’s gorgeous too!
    Tonya@Healthy, Fit, and Frugal recently posted…My First Half Marathon!My Profile

  13. Great article! I love Jessica Alba for all the good work that she does. If i had to choose a celeb I’d most want to work out with, it’d probably be her 🙂
    Camille @ Challenge Mantra recently posted…Staturday #4: You’ll Never Know Until You TryMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Thanks Camille! She seems like she’d be really fun to take a dance class with. Someone who can let go and laugh at themselves. Although if her movies prove anything, she’d totally put my moves to shame!

  14. Love this! I’m so jealous you got to meet and chat with Jess (I like to pretend were on a first name basis too)!! I’ve never tried Honest products but I obviously know about them and want to!

    Lisa @ The Skinny on Health recently posted…Fit Tip Tuesday #4!My Profile

  15. Dude this is awesome…and she doesn’t come across as one of THOSE celebs!!

    Glad you got to meet her. I hope you stole a strand of her hair.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…When Instagram photos deceive- Food photosMy Profile

  16. Dear, I just discovered your blog and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m definitely going to follow you! I’m planning to move to LA within two years, I’m in love with the place.

  17. Great interview! I loved Jessica Alba since the TV Series Dark Angel and I’m amazed at how despite her pregnancy she managed to stay so thin and sexy.

    Thanks again

    Gael recently posted…4 Healthy Recipes from Unlikely SourcesMy Profile

  18. She sounds so lovely! Reading about all these awesome restaurants makes me want to book my holiday to LA, like now! 😛 There’s such a lack of healthy places to eat here in Scotland, at least in my area anyway!
    Louise recently posted…Forever Cacao Chocolate ReviewMy Profile

  19. That’s so cool that you got to meet Jessica Alba! I knew everyone in LA was friends with a celeb haha 😉 she sounds so lovely!
    Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche recently posted…Blog Tips Tuesday 10: Common sidebar mistakesMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Oh totally. When I’m not hanging with Jess, I’m using doing Yoga with Jen or catching lunch with Brad 🙂

  20. Great post! I was just telling my friend yesterday that Jessica Alba and Honest Company are my new favourite instagram accounts! Love her.

    Hilary x
    Hilary recently posted…Q & A With Elizabeth ArdenMy Profile

  21. I love Jessica Alba. Admittedly I’m a little jealous that you got to meet her! But thanks for sharing the pictures and interview! I really want to get her book but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    Alex @ Kenzie Life recently posted…Brief PauseMy Profile

  22. I love Jessica Alba! She’s gorgeous and darling…and she’s down with Fonuts!!

    Fonuts is DEFINITELY a great place for some delicious treats and they’re definitely far better than any Krispy Kreme. When I worked at E!, it was so easy to stop by there place on 3rd before heading over to the Wilshire building. I’d go for their fresh coffee or lattes – they offer to use almond milk which I love! So much better than some syrupy drink from elsewhere.

    • Whitney English says:

      I still haven’t tries Fonuts!!! I totally want to though after learning more about it. Sounds so delish! I’m afraid I’d want to eat like 10 of them though.

  23. I thought Honest Co. was all baby stuff. I didn’t realize there are other products. I love that she saw a need and could just up and start a business to fill it. Very cool! I wish I had that kind of freedom, but you know, the whole non-millionaire thing gets in the way 😉 I bet that swag bag was filled with some awesome stuff!
    Kristina @ Damn Ten Pounds recently posted…Pimp my blogMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      Yeah, it was a very smart move! If only we all had movie star money to make our dreams come true! Don’t worry, we’ll get there 🙂

  24. We should go to the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Hollywood and the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica – we will bump into her considering she wants LOCAL FOODS 😉

    And uh, that red colored food question – TOTALLY SOMETHING I would have asked, LOL – I am so proud! 😉
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…The Results of a Single-Blind ExperimentMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      That IS something you would ask. So now you tell me…what’s YOUR favorite red food?

      I’m going to guess salmon 🙂

  25. That sounds like a fabulous party to go to 🙂 Happy, family friendly cleaning swag? YES PLEASE! My sister used to live in L.A. and was in the entertainment industry, met a ton of people and always had great things to say about Jessica Alba’s reputation. She seems like a little light in the harsh world of Hollywood. Very cool-Great post!

  26. I’m a HUGE Jessica Alba fan. She has such an awesome body with just dancing, yoga and cycling, huh? Well, of course there’s the clean-eating aspect too. I’m in Portland, where the farm-to-table movement is huge and it’s so nice to have plenty of options from all price points for that. Thanks for sharing!!
    ShesWrite recently posted…She’sWrite is on the #NetFlix Stream TeamMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      I’ve always wanted to visit Portland! Hoping to make it up there sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  27. I love Jessica Alba! I love that she started a company out of the passion for clean living. She seems authentic which is rare I think for Hollywood. I wish I could try those restaurants she mentioned, but maybe someone will bring these to the East Coast? I’m gluten and dairy free and there’s so little choices on where/how to eat out. It’s ridiculous! One can only have so many salads…Great article! Great person!
    Nicole Nenninger recently posted…Inspirational Quote of the Week–Martha BeckMy Profile

    • Whitney English says:

      I feel you on the salads. Have you tried zucchini and spaghetti pasta yet? Those are my favorite gluten-free subs!

  28. This post was so much fun to read. I’ve always loved Jessica Alba, and now I love her even more 🙂 You’re so lucky that you got to meet her! Happy SITS day!
    Kelly recently posted…What’s Your Spring Cleaning Routine?My Profile

  29. Great post! I’m all for natural items and clean eating. Nice to ‘meet’ you, from SITS!
    Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D. recently posted…How to potty-train your dragon.My Profile

  30. That is SO exciting, does she always just hang around her store like that? If so, I would pay a visit just for that, haha. I haven’t tried her products but looking forward to doing so now! I’ve heard great things about her company though. Have a great one Whitney! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: A Word on the Hot-TemperedMy Profile

  31. I adore Jessica Alba! Thanks for letting us peak into her life a bit. She rocks! Happy SITS day, too!
    Jean Lynd recently posted…Amazing Concealer Reviewed on Eyes & FlawsMy Profile

  32. Great share, Whitney! And I’m with the others who say that it is refreshing to hear about a celebrity who is sensible and down to earth.

    Kuudos to Jessica, and I wish her much success in her endeavors.

  33. I love this!! I had no idea that Jessica Alba was behind the Honest company… I’ve been seeing advertisements for it and now I’m DEFINITELY going to check it out. Jessica Alba is just darling. :o)
    Leah Sannar recently posted…5 Things That Make Me HappyMy Profile

  34. This is such a fun post! I love Jessica Alba and during years I only have great impressions from her publicity. But lucky you! Getting invited to a party, chatting to Jessica, posting a short interview with her on the blog, getting product gifts! Wow, I wish I had that luck too and I hope you will again as you absolutely deserve it. I love the blog ♥
    NailCentric recently posted…OPI Stay The Night review and swatchesMy Profile

  35. Its great to hear celebs talk about clean eating. It helps set an important example for everyone, especially teenagers and young adults who are at the stage where they generally develop life-long eating habits. I was well into my adult life before I finally woke up and discovered the joy and benefits of clean eating. I so wish I’d smartened up sooner. Your body really is what you put into it! Thanks for a great post 🙂

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