My To Do List: Get Aubrey Plaza’s Hot Bod

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Aubrey Plaza has a sick bod, and so do I.

Except my “sick” bod is physically sick, as in I have been getting the cold sweats and hacking up a lung all day. Her sick bod is toned and svelte as seen in her upcoming flick, The To Do List.

Lucky for me, I had a screening for the film today on my side of town, so I was allowed to WFH (Work From Home) this morning prior to attending. I don’t think my office mate would have appreciated my germy presence anyway. Then again, I doubt the guy next to me at the movie did either.

Anyway, I can’t tell you anything about the movie. Sorry, but reviews are under embargo. What I can tell you though is: hot damn, Aubrey Plaza has a sick body.

The Parks and Rec actress is usually known for her razor-tongued persona on the show… not so much for her cut abs. But as she plays a young high school grad attempting to lose her virginity, those abs are on full display.


I was so impressed by her stellar, usually hidden, physique that I just had to find out her secret. It turns out Aubrey eats really healthy. Nice to hear in a world where actresses’ tend to falsely boast about downing bowls of pasta and pizza.

In an interview with Bon Appetite magazine, Aubrey admits to enjoying Greek yogurt, apples and almonds as snacks, and drinking Almond Milk in her coffee. All great choices.

She says she regularly practices yoga and hates cardio. Samsies! Except I begrudgingly do cardio anyway (but not as much as I should).

She also told CNN’s Eatocracy that she likes to cook (despite having much time for it).

“The last time I cooked I made pasta with a homemade salmon sauce and roasted vegetables,” Aubrey told the site. “I like to cut up Brussels sprouts and asparagus and shallots and drizzle olive oil and rosemary on them and bake them in the oven until they are nice and crispy.”

Yum! Hey Aubrey, can I come over next time?

Seeing the benefits of her healthy choices made me really jealous that I haven’t been able to dive back into my own healthy regimen this week. I’m sick, remember.

I tried to take Mr. Chow on a couple of extra long walks though and opted out of the free Mochi I was offered with my brown-rice sushi at dinner. Willpower.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and can get back on track to earning a hot bod like Aubrey Plaza. I’m already feeling better than this morning, but that’s probably because I’m finally couch-bound.

P.S. If you’re a fan of Aubrey, go see this movie on August 16th. Or catch her in Safety Not Guaranteed, an awesomely absurd and heartwarming film.

Weigh In:

Do you feel guilty for not working out when you’re sick?

Do you try to eat better to counteract not working out? Or do you eat worse?

Which celeb’s summer body do you admire?

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  1. I guess it depends on how sick I am! I was really really sick with mono and few months ago, and exercise never crossed my mind. If I just have a cold though, I feel like I should do SOMETHING (but whether or not I actually do is a different question).
    Aurora@Fitness is Sweet recently posted…WIAW-ProcrastinationMy Profile

  2. Whitney English says:

    I know, whether you should or you actually do is a big difference, haha!

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