Beets by Whit

Don’t worry. These aren’t “sick beets.” They’re perfectly healthy.

If you’ve ever been curious about beets (i.e. how they’re made, why they’re awesome, what to eat them with), I’m here to give you the rundown. 
I love beets. Especially, golden beets.
I recently decided to cook my own for the very first time. I was always hesitant because they look so weird and seem like they would be difficult to cook, but I found out that it couldn’t be easier.
But before we hit the kitchen, let me tell you why beets are so bomb.

First off, they’re high in fiber and low in calories. A 1/2 cup of beets is around 40 calories, with 2 grams of fiber, meaning you can eat a ton and stay full forever. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals (seriously tons of them). And the antioxidant that gives them their piercing, blood-red color (Betalain) is believed to help combat cardiovascular disease.

They are the definition of a superfood, that is of course if superfood was actually a scientific term.

Beets can be shredded and eaten raw, baked, boiled, and roasted. Today, I’m going to show you the easiest way to make them: baked.

How to Bake a Beet


Beets (I used the golden variety here)

1. Set the oven to 400.
2. Take your fresh, raw beets and cut off the stems and scrub them with clean water.
3. Wrap the beets in tinfoil.
4. Place the beets on a baking tray and pop in the oven for an hour.
5. Remove the beets, and let cool. Unwrap from tinfoil and scrub off the skins under cool water.
6. Slice and serve!
Total Calories: 40 per 1/2 C.

Beets have so many great uses. In wraps…
Whole-Wheat Tortilla with Golden Beets, Spinach, and Lentils
…in soup…
…and in salads.
These homemade beets taste so much better than the packaged ones from Trader Joe’s. You also get way more for your money. When I baked them for the first time, I was shocked at the simplicity. They take two minutes to prepare and then you can peace out for the next hour while they cook. I am never buying pre-packaged again.
I’m bringing the beet back.

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