Yogurtland Lies!

With the fall of Pinkberry, and the rise of the Yogurtland empire, people are constantly searching for the latest ice cream alternative to satisfy their sweet tooth. But in a self-serve environment (like that of the popular La Brea haunt)what seems like an innocent fat-free yogurt, can be actually be concealing an overwhelming amount of calories and sugar.

Though they claim to be healthy, the average cal-count of Yogurtland’s flavors is about 25-35 an ounce. And those are not healthy calories. The second ingredient in their mixes is sugar…the third, corn syrup! You may say, ‘But I only get a little.’ Well considering their cups hold 16 oz (and that’s if you stop at the top without an elegant swirl), even filling it up half way (8 oz/1 cup) costs you a whopping 200-280 calories! If you go for a normal serving (4 oz, smaller than the size of your fist) you’ll barely begin to enjoy it before it’s gone.

So after surveying the vast amount of yogurt providers in the area, I have found the one icey treat that won’t bust your belt. It’s called Carb-A-Whey and you can find it at Penguins on Olympic and Doheny. I have been going there for years and am a huge fan.

*Update: This Penguins location has since closed but there is another one on Olympic and Westwood, and there’s a great yogurt shop with several low calorie options called Studio Yogurt on Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd.

Carb-A-Whey is made from an all natural sugar blend called Whey Low, and is only 5 calories an ounce. That means you can get a large (12 oz) for only 60 calories!!! It comes in a variety of flavors, changing daily.

I also just dicovered that the makers of Carb-A-Whey have packaged their frozen treat and sell it by the pint in a product called Arctic Zero. It’s only 135 calories for the whole pint! You can find it at health food stores like Erewhon Natural Foods Market on Beverly and the Grove Drive.

Finally, the age old argument is that low calorie treats don’t taste as good as their corn syrup saturated counterparts. But once you pile your cake batter flavored Carb-A-Whey yogurt with a handful of fresh cut strawberries and blueberries, you won’t know the difference. But your scale will!


  1. I love this article!!! You couldn’t have said it better!! LIES! LIES! and more LIES! I’m so sick of Yogurtland and how healthy they make themselves out to be but all they are is a fast food joint serving the SAME CRAP AS MCDONALDS, BURGER KING & JACK IN THE BOX! I want everyone to go on the Yogurtland website and read their ingredients they use at least 3 types of corn syrup including HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, WHICH IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF OBESITY AND OBESITY IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF DIABETES IN AMERICA!!! God dam it Yogurtland will kill you! Don’t take my word for it look at the website http://www.yogurt-land.com yourself to see all the artificial flavorings and bad sweeteners. Whitney, this is the best article that I’ve read in a long time, and by the way you are sooo… right about the Carb-A-Whey that is a great product for the people who actually care about their health!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. Not to mention I love carbawhey and arctic zero, best kept secret to stay thin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with this post! I am a weight watcher and gain whenever I eat fro yo. Fro yo is EVIL!! BTW, did you know that Yogurt land has high fructose corn syrup in many of their flavors? Even nastier.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The ingredients in the yogurt are disgusting. And they don’t promote themselves to be healthy. Yuck!

  5. Anonymous says:

    the ingredients are NOT on their website!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the ingredients are NOT on their website. Shame!! Where can I find their ingredients?? I’m going to send them an e-mail requesting the ingredients.

    Thank you for this article! I was about to go get some Yogurt, but I don’t want DIABETES, OBESITY, TOOTH DECAY, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, HEART DISEASE, ANEMIA, AND WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM! Damn you HFCS, and damn you Yogurtland!!!!

  7. lol you are all little bitches, just go exercise and you will be fine.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just left yogurt land was was looking for calories since I’m on WW. Three points for 4 ounces is high. Also the nutrition facts on the website are microscopic!! My eyes are still strained!

  9. Anonymous says:


    The most common ingredents are Pasteurized and Cultured Skim Milk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Whey

    20-30 calories per oz, but the smallest bowl is 16oz. They consider a “serving” to be a 1/2 cup or 4oz. Which means they consider one “serving” to be 1/4 of their smallest bowl. πŸ˜€

    In other words, if you fill up thier smallest bowl to the top (not above the rim), you will consume 4 servings totalling 320-480 calories of mostly refined sugars. And that’s before you add toppings.

    Healthy? Certainly not.

    The 4 “no sugar added” flavors have a more desirable sugar/protein balance (5/4 or 6/4) and are on the lower end of the calorie spectrum (“only” 320 calories per bowl), but dessert is dessert, no matter how you spin it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Stop eatting processed foods, or foods that have chemicals that you cannot find in your grocery store. When was the last time you saw High Frutose, Celluose gum,Glucose, potassium sorbate, citric acid on shelf at grocery store? How about Sodium Benzoate other preservatives.
    Also stop drinking things that have chemicals you cannot pronounce or buy on standard grocery store shelf-Sodium Hexarnetaphosphate(fire retardant),or phoshoric acid(rust remover).

  11. I eat at Yogurtland regularly. I weigh 55kg or 122 pounds. I exercise and eat fresh, lean foods everyday. The key to staying healthy: Only eat fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains. Eat sweets in moderation and exercise regularly. The only person responsible for what you put in your body is you. You aren’t being forced to eat high sugar/fat products. That’s a choice that you make for yourself. Stop being such whiny lard asses.

  12. There is no corn syrup in any Yogurtland products now – although it may have been different at the time this post was written.

  13. So eat nothing, basically. And be petrified of every last bite of food for the rest of your life. Yeah, sorry, I nearly died because I was scared of food. I’m going to spend my life enjoying it, everything in balance. Quit fear-mongering.

    • Whitney English says:

      No, that is not the take away. People should just be weary of consuming things in excess where the first ingredient is sugar. I’m sorry about your experience with food, but I think you missed the point of this. On the other side of the spectrum of people’s issues from food, many people are dying from obesity related issues, which is likely caused by consuming excess sugar and other processed foods.

  14. Omg you guys are idiots if you think corn syrup is going to make you obese. Why don’t you just stop eating SO DAMN MUCH! Everything in moderation. You can get fat off of fruit for crying out loud if your caloric intake is more than you burn throughout the day. the ONLY thing that makes you fat is if you are in a calorice surplus and extra calories get stored as fat. Knowledge.

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