Probiotics Are All the Rage

Most people have caught on by now to the “Kombucha Craze.” If you haven’t heard of it yet, Kombucha is a tea with live organisms called probiotics that support a healthy digestive system. These organisms, or “good bacteria” are found naturally in the stomach but can be increased by eating or drinking products containing them.

Unfortunately, most Kombucha sold in stores costs an average of of 4-6 bucks a bottle and has a peculiar vinegar taste that some people just can’t get past.

Well I have found a solution!

PRE Probiotic Enhancer is a fruity flavored beverage containing pre-biotics which are “dietary fibers that stimulate the growth of probiotics.”

Unlike Kombucha, it costs about $2 at Whole Foods and has a very light pleasant taste. Four of their flavors, including Peach Mango and Pomegranate Blueberry, contain only 20 calories a bottle! Kombucha’s lowest cal bottle has 70. PRE also has 4 grams of fiber and only 4 grams of sugar.

And unlike many low-cal drinks that use artificial sweetner, PRE uses Stevia, a natural sweetner made from the leaves of the stevia plant.

Health Benefits of Probiotics:

-Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that cause digestive stress
-Improve digestion of food and absorption of vitamins
-Stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism – the immune system

***Update: Pomegranate Yumberry is the best πŸ™‚


  1. Interesting, I’ve never heard of any of the “Kombucha Craze”! But I am going to get some PRE Probiotic Enhancer next time I go tot Wholefoods!

  2. dude, i am alll about probiotics. however, i like to take them in pill form. also with Activia (fiber) yogurt. Put those two with a lot of water, and you have a super healthy digestive system! ffftt.

  3. hahahaha this shows up as lisa and adam. hahahahah. I don’t know how to change that. it should be just moi: lisa heath.

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