Breakfast of Champions


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. If you don’t start off your day on the right foot you’re likely to spiral down a slippery slope that begins with one harmless bagel and ends with you raiding the office break room around lunch, scavenging for left over danishes from the morning meeting. But if you begin your day with a healthy breakfast that balances carbs, fat, and protein, you will be better prepared to face office pastries later in the day with an iron-clad willpower.

I begin everyday with the same meal…
-Protein: 6 egg whites, scrambled
-Carbs: 2 pieces whole wheat toast
-Fat: 1 tablespoon almond butter, divided between bread*

That totals about 300 calories, 100 per group, making a perfectly balanced breakfast. And it’s good, I swear. For more flavor, toss in any veggies you like to the egg whites and top with a dash of ketchup.

This meal is also great because you can order it at just about any restaurant. Just make sure to ask for the egg whites cooked with a dash of spray and not with oil.

*I prefer almond butter because it has slightly less saturated fat than natural peanut butter, but they’re pretty similar so it’s up to your taste buds. Just make sure you are getting natural. You’ll know because the oil is separated, and floats on top. (This one is from Whole Foods and is about 6 bucks a jar)


  1. Have you tried PB2? It is a peanut butter substitute in powder form. Just mix two tablespoons powder with a little over one tablespoon water and voila! you have creamy peanut butter for a mere 45 cals a Tbs vs. the average 190 for peanut or almond butter!

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