A Free Circuit Workout
with ME in WeHo!


Hi friends!

Join me next Tuesday night at 7 pm for an awesome circuit workout in West Hollywood.

I will be teaching a fun and sweaty “Planks + Plyos” circuit with my friends from Electric Flight Crew.

The workout begins with a short jog to a local park where we’ll complete a series of circuits featuring plyometrics, agility exercises, and speed drills.

After the workout, we’ll head to a local watering hole for EFC’s signature “No Shower Happy Hour,” and post-perspiration rehydration from 1915 Organic.

The workout is FREE and open to all. Shoot me a quick email at whitney@liveanddiet.com and I will let you know where to meet.

Hope to see you there!

ps — did I mention that EFC is a group of really good-looking, some single, all friendly, fitness-loving Angelenos? Yep, you should come 😉

pps — can’t make the event? Try my Planks +Plyos Workout Video at home! >>

*This event is sponsored by Bolthouse 1915 Organic.

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