Meet Healthy LAdy: Sarah Knight

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My friend Sarah Knight has — undisputedly — one of the coolest jobs on the planet.

This girl is constantly jet-setting across the country, hobnobbing with celebrities, attending the most lavish events and getting first dibs on the latest designer duds.

How you may ask?

Well, she’s the right-hand woman to E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic.

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Business Insider recently named her one of the 11 most powerful assistants in Hollywood.

As G’s number one gal, Sarah appears on the reality show Giuliana & Bill, travels with the host, assists G on a daily basis, and enjoys all the perks of rolling with one of the best looking crews in town.

While most of it definitely is as fabulous as it’s sounds, it’s still a lot of hard work.

With traveling, events, non-stop action and an impending wedding this fall (congrats girl), it can be hard to keep her health goals on track.

As you would expect of an expert executive assistant though, Sarah manages to balance it all — and looks amazing while doing it.

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In today’s installment of LDLA’s Healthy LAdy Series, she’s sharing the secret to her fabulous fit lifestyle.

Q&A with Sarah Knight

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Q: How does your career affect your goal of living a healthy life?

My busy job definitely has a huge impact on my attempts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As we all know, it’s much “easier” to grab an unhealthy snack quickly when we are busy than it is to prepare a healthier option, but those vending machine death traps will start to catch up to you.

It’s also really hard to find the energy to workout after a long 10-hour work day. I love my job so much, but I have definitely been challenged to find a balance between working hard in the office and working hard to stay healthy and fit!

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Q: How do you stay healthy when you travel so much?

I took the advice of every gorgeous model and actress, and make it a point to drink tons of water while I am traveling with G.

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Planes and time changes seem to be synonymous with weight gain! Or maybe it’s because our brains think traveling, even though for work, equals vacation. But since I travel quite a bit, I have sort of trained myself to eat as “normal” as possible and not stray too much from what I would normally be eating and drinking if I were home.

Q: What are your favorite ways to workout? 

I admit, I am not much of an exercise person. I really hate going to the gym and have only discovered a handful of classes that I don’t completely hate. My main form of exercise is taking long walks with my dog twice a day.


On Sarah: dress by De Rex Actionwear

We maintain a pretty good pace and I love being out in the fresh air. There is something therapeutic about walking for thirty minutes after I get home from a long day at work. It’s a great way to shut off my brain and enjoy time with my little pup!

Q: What does an average day of healthy eating look like for you?

I always feel and look my best when I stick to a routine. It’s boring, but it works for me. That means oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch and some sort of protein and vegetables for dinner. There’s a reason why all of those foods are so highly recommended! But I swear by oatmeal for breakfast. It keeps me full and oddly enough, my stomach flat. My days are usually fast paced and high energy so I always need something in my stomach to start my day. Plus, it helps burn fat all day long.

Q: What are your favorite spots in LA to grab a healthy bite?

Luckily, many of my friends are good influences when it comes to ordering healthy options at different restaurants. Since it’s LA, pretty much every restaurant has at least a few healthy options on their menus. I love going to sushi, but I just have to be careful not to order anything crispy or covered in spicy mayo.

Q: Favorite splurge meals?

I have a huge sweet tooth. Anything sweet is my splurge of choice! On the savory side, I would say a big bowl of pasta. The truffle pasta from Cecconi’s is the stuff dreams are made of.

Q: What are some snacks you always keep in your desk drawer?

I always have KIND bars and mixed nuts handy. And of course, a water bottle.

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Q: How do you avoid over-indulging at events on all the delicious, but sugar-laden, custom drinks and fatty appetizers?

Since there are always events going on, I try to remind myself that eating two or three small, yet unhealthy, bites will catch up to me.

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Also, I always try to stick with wine or champagne to drink. You pretty much know exactly what you are putting into your body that way. There’s so much added sugar in many mixed cocktails!

Q: Working in entertainment, you have access to some of the best trainers and nutritionists in the biz, what’s the best diet advice you’ve received?

Like I said before, eating breakfast is so important! I learned that from you, Whit!! You are a champ when it comes to making healthy breakfasts to get ready for the day.

Q: Aw, thanks Sar! Now, give it up — what’s the worst advice you’ve gotten?

Skipping meals and juicing. I know juicing does have some benefits of course, but I always seem to gain weight and feel worse after a juice cleanse. That’s probably because I feel so deprived and then go crazy on dessert afterwards, but still, it doesn’t work for me.

Q: You’re incredibly stylish, what’s your favorite chic fitness wear?

I love Lululemon and Lorna Jane. I have some pieces by both that have lasted forever. Fitness wear isn’t cheap, so I appreciate it that these brands seem to make quality stuff that lasts a while.

Q: You see all the hot celeb bods on the red carpet, who’s your celebrity “fitspo?”

I think I share my opinion with the rest of the world when I say that Gisele has the best body ever. She’s my celeb “fitspo” for sure! She has long and lean muscles, and is thin without looking skinny. She’s amazing.

Q: And last but not least, can you share one of your favorite easy, healthy recipes for busy LAdies?

I don’t cook from scratch much, but I love making healthy white wine sangria. It just takes 1 bottle of your favorite white wine, 1/2 a liter of Diet Sprite and 2 cups your favorite seasonal fruit.

Mix, chill and enjoy!

A big thanks to Sarah for sharing her tips in today’s Healthy LAdy post, and all of my love to her and her fiance as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials!

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*Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her amazing adventures!

Weigh In: How do you stay healthy when you’re traveling? Any tips for sticking to your diet at parties/events?

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