3 Yoga Poses You May Be Doing Wrong + How To Fix Your Form

Yoga injuries can be prevented by practicing proper form. Here are three common yoga poses that are often done incorrectly and how to easily fix them!

Reverse Warrior Proper Form

Yoga is incredible for building strength, flexibility, and increasing overall wellness. But despite its gentle image, some yoga poses can actually be harmful if practiced improperly.

Yoga injuries happen frequently. And with its increasing popularity, there are many yoga enthusiasts who try poses without proper instruction.

Even as a regular practitioner, I still find I’m constantly learning new tips to improve the safety of my practice.

One of my favorite yoga teachers who does an amazing job of correcting form is Nicole Sciacca, Chief Yoga Officer at Playlist Yoga in West Hollywood.

Nicole brings so much creativity and energy to her challenging flows while also paying close attention to proper form to prevent injuries.

I recently attended Nicole’s class as a part of the Propel Co:Labs series with a few friends and we had an amazing time flowing to her stellar playlist.

The always incredible mind body experience was enhanced this time by a live DJ and tasty electrolyte water.

dancers pose group photo

After the class, one of my friends commented on Nicole’s instruction, stating she’d never heard some of the form cues before and was so glad she’d learned them.

Nicole knows her stuff, so I recruited her to share a few tips with you today!

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