Vegan “Egg” Salad Sandwich

 This vegan egg salad sandwich takes two minutes to whip up and makes a delicious, easy lunch at home or on-the-go.

tofu egg salad

When I started phasing out animal protein from my daily diet, one major staple caused me a lot of grief — eggs.

I LOVE eggs.

I’ve mentioned it before, but to really drive home my point, I’ll mention it again. I used to eat six egg whites for breakfast EVERY morning. Yeah, an entire half-dozen.

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Easy Veggie Burgers

veggie burgers recipe

These vegan veggie burgers are quick, easy, customizable and made with simple, whole ingredients like mushrooms, beans, carrots, and bell pepper.  I'll admit it, I usually buy my veggie burgers. As someone who prides herself on whole foods home … [Continue reading]

30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

I've teamed up with my Propel Co:Labs pals Rachael and Rachel to bring you guys a heart-pumping 30-minute bodyweight workout you can do anywhere this summer!  The number one thing people ask me about fitness is how I stay on top of my workouts … [Continue reading]

2017 Summer Must-Haves

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My 2017 summer must-haves list has everything you need stay cool and look hot as the temps rise — from stylish summer activewear to adorable beach accessories. Coming from sunny Arizona, I'm definitely a warm weather gal. I love being able to … [Continue reading]

Ladies’ Day at the Driving Range

Womens Golf Style

Looking for an alternative way to spend time with your fit friends? I'm sharing the details from my fun girl's date at a Los Angeles driving range. When my husband has to work on the weekend, I make it a point to clock extra quality time with … [Continue reading]

“Confetti” Carrot + Pea Salad

Carrot and Pea Salad

This colorful confetti pea salad features a bounty of spring vegetables - peas, carrots, cauliflower, celery, and radish — tossed in a light, flavorful dressing. When I was younger, I not-so-fondly dubbed my mother, "The Fruit & Vegetable … [Continue reading]

50 Vegetarian + Vegan Brunch Recipes for Mother’s Day

50 Vegan + Vegetarian Brunch Recipes for Mother's Day - delicious, nutritious vegan and vegetarian recipes perfect for your Moth

Treat your mom to a tasty Mother's Day with these delicious vegetarian and vegan brunch recipes. Mother's Day is this Sunday and what better way to show your mom your appreciation than by whipping up a meal made with love. I recruited my … [Continue reading]

Yoga Booty Workout

yoga booty workout

This yoga booty workout incorporates classic yoga poses with dynamic booty-toning exercises for a fun, challenging beachside workout. Beach season is in full swing in L.A., and I’ve been seizing every opportunity to hit the sand and soak up a … [Continue reading]

Banana Nut Buckwheat Cereal

Buckwheat Cereal

This buckwheat cereal is made with four simple ingredients. It makes a delicious, gluten-free breakfast or a tasty snack for summer road trips. Despite the name, buckwheat does not actually contain wheat. Confusing, I know. This grain-like … [Continue reading]

Getting Back in the Game
with Adidas Golf


Golfing is an excellent way to workout in the Spring/Summer and sporting cute golf gear just adds to the fun. Check out these stylish new looks from Adidas Golf. In my final semester of undergrad (about ten years ago), I ended up with just one … [Continue reading]