3-Ingredient Peanut Butter
Chocolate Cereal Bars

These 3-ingredient peanut butter chocolate cereal bars are a breeze to whip up. And in addition to being incredibly tasty, they also give you a daily dose of whole grains!

3 ingredient cereal bars

Halloween is coming up quick and I’ve been hard at work creating healthier holiday snacks to share with you guys!

Rice Krispies treats were a favorite of mine growing up, so this year I decided to try a more nutritious (and flavorful) take on this popular crunchy dessert using the tasty new certified organic Love Crunch Cereal from Nature’s Path.

These bars require three simple ingredients: cereal, peanut butter, and a small amount of maple syrup.

3 ingredient cereal bars

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Chickpea Tuna-Free Salad

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

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3 Tips For Reducing Stress From
Mind Body Green’s Revitalize

whitney english yoga mind body green revitalize

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Matcha Benefits +
a Lavender Matcha Latte

Lavender Matcha Latte

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The Best Exercise For Weight Loss, Disease Prevention + Overall Health

suspended crunches

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Strawberry Mango Vegan Creamsicles

strawberry mango vegan creamsicles

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3 Yoga Poses You May Be Doing Wrong + How To Fix Your Form

Dancer Pose Proper Form

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Is Coconut Oil Going to Kill You?


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45-Minute Total Body Band Workout


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Turmeric Tofu Scramble


This turmeric tofu scramble is made with flavorful, nutrient-packed spices and is a wonderful plant-based alternative to your typical egg-centric breakfast.  The versatility of tofu continues to amaze me. A few weeks ago, I shared with you … [Continue reading]