A Mommy-Doggie Mini Vacay


When Mom’s away, The Chow will play.

This past weekend I headed to San Jose for the annual BlogHer conference.


Since I was going to be gone, the fiancé decided he’d take a mini vacation as well.

So where did that leave Mr. Chow?

Usually when we’re both going to be gone, we have to bribe our friends to Chow-sit. I never want to leave him at a kennel or board him for fear he’ll think he’s being abandoned.

This time though, I decided to try out the website DogVacay.com to find a legit dog sitter, with a cozy home, in our neighborhood.

As fate would have it, the perfect person — and her darling, half-Chow female pup, Suzy — lived right down the street from us.


I’d simply hoped to find Mr. Chow a happy home to stay in while we were gone, but I’d never have guessed he’d find a soulmate as well.

While I was away I received daily updates and photos from Lorraine about Suzy and Mr. Chow’s time together. They had a blast.

For today’s What I Ate Wednesday, I’m sharing those photos alongside my own meal pics from my mini vacay last weekend.

Get ready for a lot of food and furry shenanigans.

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