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Haylie Duff And Tara Stiles Host Yoga Event At New Reebok FitHub In Studio City

Last week was a rough one for me. On top of non-stop studying for my final exams, I came down with the flu.

This would have been bad enough by itself, since it made cramming particularly torturous, but it also happened to coincide with something I’d been looking forward to for weeks: the launch of the new Reebok FitHub in Studio City.

Haylie Duff And Tara Stiles Host Yoga Event At New Reebok FitHub In Studio City

I was so pumped for the event, especially because it would feature a yoga class led by famed instructor Tara Stiles, who just launched her latest healthy living and recipe book, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

Determined to not let a little bug get me down, that day I tossed on my new Reebok gear and headed over the hill.


Reebok Women’s Skyscape Runarounds // Whatevers Good Plus Pant (on sale) // Studio Burnout Crew Tee

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