How to Make Healthy Mexican Food


Happy Monday folks!

No need for any “I hate Monday memes” this week, I’m feeling a lot more chipper today.

Maybe that’s because here at LDLA it’s “Mexican Food Monday.”

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PUMA Fall 2014:
Fashion Meets Performance


I've said it before — but it cannot be overemphasized — having cool workout clothes really makes you want to workout more. While ratty old shirts with chocolate frozen yogurt stains may seem like a comfortable gym option, they should only be … [Continue reading]

Tri-Color Tomato Salad


Over the past week, my social media stream has been bombarded with people declaring the end of the summer. But while some people count Labor Day as the end of the season, the true date is actually September 22nd — aka the "autumnal equinox." The … [Continue reading]



I had a really great post planned for this morning but instead I decided to enjoy the weekend's festivities and never ended up writing it. Drats, Monday. You snuck up on me again. Instead, please enjoy these memes detailing how I feel about … [Continue reading]

LDLA Alert: Food & Fitness Events
& a Giveaway!

Dinators Do Yoga

Photo Credit: Kaleigh Walker Happy Friday everyone! Today I've got three awesome LA events to share with you. One is free, one is practically free, and one you'll be getting an exclusive opportunity to attend. Oh yeah, and I'm giving away a … [Continue reading]

Weekend Recap: The Taste LA & a Doggie Beach Day


Never have I ever had a more drool-worthy weekend. In the span of three short days, I munched my way through the menus of a handful of LA's top restaurants, indulging in a bite here and a nibble there of the tastiest morsels from the most in … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Banana Pops


Happy Labor Day friends! I hope you're all out celebrating your day off and splish-splashing around town, savoring the last weeks of summer. I had quite the eventful weekend — from indulging in delicious eats at The Taste LA to taking multiple … [Continue reading]

I’ve Got Swoll News!


No, I didn't spell "swell" wrong. … [Continue reading]

Roasted Tomato Basil Salmon


Did you know you can cook frozen salmon without defrosting it and still have an amazingly moist, delicious fish? Forgive me if you've already cracked the code to this extremely easy salmon preparation method, but I just figured it out and I'm kind … [Continue reading]

Wedding Season, Workouts and Weekend Eats


This weekend officially marked the beginning of wedding season on my calendar. My man and I traveled to his hometown of Sacramento for one of his high school buddies' ceremonies, the first of many in the next few months. With all the lavish … [Continue reading]