6-Minute Abs
+ A Palo Alto Excursion


After weeks of traveling and indulging, I decided I was going to get back on track this week — hit the gym hard, and eat super clean.

Then my fiancé coerced me into taking another trip.

He’s been working in Palo Alto recently and requested that Chow and I drive up to visit him. We love a good road trip, so we eagerly agreed.


So much for shredding for wedding, I thought. Here goes another weekend of skipping workouts and eating every meal out.

Well, not this time.

With the wedding about a month away, it’s crunch time and I’m getting serious even if it means I have to do pull-ups from a hotel room balcony.

Ok, that’s a little extreme, and I actually couldn’t do it if I tried. But what I can do is come up with quick, efficient workouts to do in my hotel room (in between sight-seeing) that don’t require any equipment.

So this weekend, in between trying to avoid the frozen yogurt shop directly across from our hotel, I created a series of 6-minute, targeted workouts for each of my main body parts.

They’re each 6 minutes long, consist of 6 exercises, and can be done anywhere.

Today’s abs routine is a major core-burner, but also totally doable for people of all activity levels.

Next month, I will be traveling almost every weekend as well, so I plan on sharing the other three workouts — arms, legs, and booty — with you guys along the way.

Ready for the first workout? Let’s do it!

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