Does Your Dog Actually Love You?

Does your dog really love you? Or is he just hungry?! Doggy behavior tests reveal insight into your pup’s brain.  Today I’m sharing the results of my dog Mr. Chow’s “Dognition” assessment and giving away a free assessment to one lucky pet parent!

Chow Chow Behavior

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, then you know that I’m more than a little obsessed with my dog, Mr. Chow. From throwing puppy parties to outfitting him for every major holiday, my life pretty much revolves around this fur ball.

Some might call me a crazy dog lady. I wear that title with honor.


While it’s clear that I am infatuated with him, my husband and I have often questioned Mr. Chow’s love for us.

Don’t get me wrong — he is an absolute sweetheart, but he can also be pretty aloof at times.

Chow Chow Attitude

I chalk it up to his Chow Chow temperament. Chow’s are notorious for being independent, strong-willed, and often “cat-like” in their behavior.

However, when we came home from our recent trip to Spain, he gave us the cold-shoulder for over a week. This was not just typical Chow Chow attitude, this was more.

How to Tell If Your Dog Loves You

So when I was given the opportunity to try a doggie intelligence and behavior assessment, I jumped at the chance. Maybe we’d be finally be able to figure out if Chow truly loves us — or if he is just happy to be off the mean streets of Downey.

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