A 10-Minute Total Body
Pilates Workout

lower body crunch 3

So I’m guessing you were a total angel yesterday — you followed my healthy Thanksgiving recommendations, squeezed in a sweat sesh, drank your water, didn’t overdo it on the meal, and are feeling like a million bucks today.

You’re a rockstar.

Wait, what? Things didn’t go according to plan?! I’m shocked.

Just kidding, it’s totally normal and today is the perfect time to get back on track — no need to let your holiday indulgences spread from one day to a whole weekend.

Since I know many people are traveling and likely don’t have any equipment on hand, I’ve recruited the help of my friend Heather Dorak of the popular Pilates Platinum studios in L.A. to provide us with a quick and easy total body pilates workout that you can do anywhere, using just your bodyweight.

Getting right back to your healthy lifestyle is the best way to feel better after holiday mishaps. Take it away Heather!

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