Make Your Own Brown Rice Sushi Roll


How much does this look like the salmon avocado brown rice sushi graphic in my logo? Cray, right?!

I’ve made my own sushi rolls before but never this expertly. I must say, I’m pretty proud of how they turned out.

As you know, I usually prefer to get my sushi on the cheap at my local fav spot, Echi. This weekend though, I decided to challenge myself and try to make a version of my beloved rolls at home for this month’s Recipe Redux.

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Three Mayo-Free, Healthy Deviled Egg Recipes


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Win Some Sick Sunglasses to Knockaround In

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Gone to Coachella, Be Back Soon


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In Defense of The Smuice Diet


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My 2014 Coachella Must Haves


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FabFitFun’s Spring VIP Box


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MYO: Healthy Salad Dressing
& a New Smuice


Despite a few minor setbacks this weekend, the Coachella Clean-Up is going pretty well. I've been getting "loose off the smuice" all week, and feeling amazing. Note: I mean that in the way that Tyga gets loose off the "goose," not in a way that … [Continue reading]

Healthy, Natural, Banana Bread Pudding


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Fit Fashion: Uniquely Lorna Jane’s Stylish Street Wear


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