VIDEO: Raspberry Blackberry “Spritzito”


What do you get when you mix a mojito with a spritz?

Watch the very first episode of #WhitsKitch to find out!

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The New Beauty Brand Designed Specifically For Yogis


You know that feeling of utter bliss you experience after a great yoga session?  Calmness of the mind, stillness of body, and warm, positive vibes coursing through your chakras. Well, the creators of the new holistic beauty brand YUNI want you to … [Continue reading]

Collard Greens + Quinoa Veggie Rolls


The other day I was at my favorite natural foods store, browsing the raw section, marveling at all the creative pre-packaged meals, and pondering what to eat for lunch. Being the sushi-lover I am, I was immediately drawn to the vegan rolls, … [Continue reading]

Berry Beautiful Overnight Oats


I eat overnight oats all the time — they just never look this pretty. After seeing countless photos on Instagram lately of foodies boasting their beautiful ONO bowls, I developed a serious case of overnight oat envy. Why don't my bowls oat bowls … [Continue reading]

10 Must-Haves For a Fit, Sexy Summer


Guess what guys, today is my birthday — my 30th to be exact! Wow. Where does the time go? Instead feeling down about aging though, I'm excited. I feel that I'm in the best shape of my life — mentally, physically, and emotionally — and I'm … [Continue reading]

Healthy 4th of July Fruit Pizza


The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. The fireworks, the food, the fun with friends, the BBQs, the brewskis, did I mention the food? Turkey burgers — and red, white and blue recipes — are about all I need to have a good time … [Continue reading]

A Perfect Day in LA


After all of the traveling I’ve done over the last few months for my wedding and friend’s weddings, all I’ve wanted to do lately enjoy my summer here in LA. It’s so easy to get caught up in that feeling of wanderlust and forget about all of the … [Continue reading]

Ten 2-Ingredient Summer Snacks


Despite the fact that I’ve already been enjoying my favorite warm weather foods and activities for weeks now, summer officially starts this Sunday and I am psyched for the seasonal flavors! With raising temps and the laid-back vibes that the … [Continue reading]

Peanut Butter Fried Plantains + Coconut Crepes


While not the prettiest snack, fried plantains might just be one of the tastiest. I had my first encounter with this exotic treat when I visited Belize about six and a half years ago. I liked them then, but lacked the culinary prowess I have now … [Continue reading]

Finding Balance in Belize with CALIA by Carrie Underwood


When I decided to take on my month-long "sweating for the wedding" challenge, I specifically chose to end the challenge the day I left for Belize instead of on my actual wedding day — thinking I wouldn't want to work out on vacation. However, … [Continue reading]

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