No Gym Needed:
7-Minute Arm Workout


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here I go using another one of my clichés, but again, it’s true!

A couple of weeks ago, I kicked off a series of quick easy workouts that you can do anywhere, no gym necessary, to target your main body parts. Because I’m traveling a lot lately, these are totally necessary to stay on track with my wedding workout challenge.

The first series featured a 6-Minute Ab Workout, so last week while in Arizona for my bridal shower, I chose to take on the task of creating a 7-Minute Arm Workout.

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L.A. Ranks 23 on the ACSM Fit Index – How Fit is YOUR City?

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.03.42 AM

Yesterday, the American College of Sports Medicine released their annual Fitness Index, an overall assessment of the health of America's top 50 metropolitan cities. ACSM ranks cities based on health and community indicators, measuring things like … [Continue reading]

Healthy Homemade Fruit Popsicles


This weekend I headed home to Arizona for my second bridal shower. Like I always do when I'm in town, I stayed at my parents house with my sister and we immediately fell back into our old family routine. We workout together in the morning, hit … [Continue reading]

Quintessential California: My Engagement Photos


I know what you're thinking — engagement photos? Aren't you getting married in three weeks? The answer is yes, and the excuse is I'm a horrible wedding planner. Bridal bootcamps? I'm on it. Sweating for the wedding? In the bag. Scheduling … [Continue reading]

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter:
Is One Really Healthier?


I hear it all the time: "Almond butter is way healthier than peanut butter." When pressed for specifics though, people are often at a loss as to why they believe this is the case. It reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel's "What is Gluten" … [Continue reading]

A Total Body Bridal Bootcamp


Another week down, another successful seven days of sweating for the wedding. I spent the past weekend in D.C. for my sister-in-law-to-be's nuptials and despite our busy bridal schedule, still managed to stick to my wedding workout … [Continue reading]

They’re What’s For Dinner!


No, that's not the name of a new reality show on the Discovery channel — culinary crickets are coming to Los Angeles, and who knows, maybe to your dinner table! A 25-year-old entrepreneur named Elliot Merman recently purchased a 7,000 sq ft. … [Continue reading]

Crispy Cod Piccata


When you hear the term "fried fish," do you immediately picture vats of canola oil and images of Long John Silvers? I do. I used to assume that "grilled" or "baked" was the only healthy way to enjoy fish and that anything "fried" was … [Continue reading]

My Wedding Workout Challenge w/
Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson


I'm going on five days now with abs so sore that it hurts to laugh. It's a good thing though. Apparently, I hadn't been challenging myself enough in the core department. That's about to change though. Last week, I met with celebrity trainer … [Continue reading]

Cashew Key Lime Pie Smoothie


While many people make smoothies for post-workout fuel or as a meal replacement, my favorite time to enjoy this cold, creamy beverage is for dessert. It's the sweet-toothed kid in me — craving a replacement for the beloved milkshakes of my … [Continue reading]